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Congratulations, Heroes of the Canary Quests!

The Canary Quests have concluded! The second phase of our Canary Games set a new record with just slightly more than 600 players from over 58 countries playing the game. Talk about an international showing ✨

From making simple token transfers to creating governance proposals on ContextFree, it has been incredibly helpful (and fun!) to hear from the community. Here’s a look at the leaderboard:

Rewards, galore

For our Top 50 Heroes, follow the steps below to claim your ATA rewards:

  • Log on to the Canary Quests webpage with your game account
  • A pop up will appear requesting for your BSC address as well as email
  • Fill in the information, and click on the Submit button

If you like to update with a different wallet address, simply re-submit the information. Questions? Find us on Discord.

About Automata Network

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

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