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Earn $ATA on XATA: Yield Farm Using Fair Liquidity!

Get ready for some sweet $ATA harvest because yield 👏🏻 farming 👏🏻 lands 👏🏻 on XATA.

If you’re a crypto newbie, yield farming is a remarkable way for users to put their capital to work in a protocol in return for tokenized rewards, analogous to how farmers work the fields for crops.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how this works…so, spread the word. Sharing is caring 😉

What is: Fair Liquidity Provisioning ⚖️

Crypto volume picks up, attack vectors grow bolder, and what’s unchanged is that you, as the user, remain at the losing end. Without the reliance on miner bribery or modification, XATA is about technical fairness. We’re building a protocol for users to benefit from and contribute to fair trading volume. Technical clarity will do what regulatory policies cannot to encourage a healthy and robust DeFi ecosystem without exploitative front-running.

Let’s put it another way, for perspective: Would it be fair to solve bulargies (front-running) in your city by selling the right to do it (mev auctions), and in return using the revenue to, say, fund the police?

So, when you are yield farming on XATA and receive your LP tokens, know that you’re doing so on a platform where transactions are ordered fairly, with a project that believes there is merit in doing things differently — and in the right way.

How to: Yield Farm Using Fair Liquidity 🌾

There are some terms you’ll quickly learn along the way. Liquidity pools form the backbone of the DeFi ecosystem, and allows anyone to stake their assets in a crowdsourced manner. You are rewarded with LP tokens when you supply a pool with liquidity, which represents the share you own of that pool, as well as any accrued rewards.

Let’s illustrate this on XATA:

  • Add liquidity to the ATA/USDT trading pool to receive corresponding LP tokens
  • Open a farm and click on “Stake Tokens” with the amount of LP tokens you like
  • Click on “Harvest” to collect your $ATA rewards anytime! You can also withdraw or exit your staked deposit at any point during the campaign duration.

XATA supports multiple blockchains including Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, so yield farming happens on both networks. Also, bookmark this: The month-long campaign starts on 3rd December 2021, UTC 00:00 and ends on 1st January 2022, UTC 00:00 🗓

And that’s all there is to it. 🧑🏻‍🌾 Happy farming!

Check out our documentation if you have any other questions.



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