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Exciting updates to the Node Championships

We’re just crossed the halfway mark of the Node Championships, and it’s been a blast watching all of you battle it out on the leaderboard. Since kicking off the competition, we’ve seen over 250 nodes deployed on ContextFree, our Canary Network.

To take it up a notch, we’re now granting additional uptime to nodes that have more peers connected to them! We will be conducting 3 random snapshots, at undisclosed timings, of peers connected to every node — starting a day after this announcement on 14 November till the end of the competition.

Pro tip? Get more peers by opening up and forwarding your ports to increase your chances of winning. Remember that the Node Championships end on 22nd November 12:00 AM UTC.

May the best nodes win!

About Automata Network
Automata Network is a decentralised service protocol that provides middleware services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve traceless privacy, high assurance and frictionless computation.

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