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4 min readSep 30, 2021


Today, we are launching ContextFree, Automata’s Canary Network.

The team behind Automata Network has been working relentlessly behind the scenes, improving features, fine-tuning functionalities, securing the network, and the time has come for us to enter a new phase of development. With ContextFree, we are taking the first step to battle-test the code ahead of our Mainnet launch, before it goes live for everyday Web3 users.

“Privacy acts as a protective layer for the critical work of reinventing finance that DeFi has undertaken, especially as millions, and thereafter billions, of users demand access to a more fair and open financial universe built on blockchain rails. In time, privacy will accrue massive, tangible value and it is important to us that we continue to push for meaningful and actual implementation of it in the midst of much excitement and growth.”

- Deli Gong, Co-Founder at Automata Network

The Flight

A canary network borrows its name from the historical usage of canaries as an early warning system in mines to detect the presence of carbon monoxide. In much the same way, ContextFree is the proving ground to plot out issues and gather constructive feedback as users try out the network under much more dynamic conditions. To that end, we have also introduced a network dashboard to display the ongoing activity and performance of ContextFree at

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The deployment of a live blockchain can be fraught with risk — A canary network allows the system to run through its paces under a plethora of real-life scenarios, which loops back into development for the Mainnet. Ahead, we will be sharing more about what we aim to accomplish with ContextFree.

Setting the Context

ContextFree, as a canary network, mirrors the trajectory of our Mainnet Roadmap.

From first operating as a Proof of Authority (PoA) chain maintained by Automata nodes, the network will in due course transition into permissionless and decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) mode, operated by a set of community validators. Functionalities, such as token transfer and token bridge, will also be unlocked as the network successfully advances through its various phases. With the confidence that ContextFree is operationally stable and running smoothly, the canary network will then enable its governance system, entering a higher order of decentralization and setting the ground to enable subsequent Geode functionalities.

How to participate

As we continue to roll out ContextFree, the community will be invited to participate in and connect to the network by running full and archival nodes. How the canary network evolves and operates will eventually be decided by its on-chain governance community. We also have a structured incentive program to recognize and reward contributions to improve, test and collaborate on ContextFree as we prepare for the Mainnet launch. Follow us closely on this space as we plan on releasing details in the very near future.

Our Roadmap

As a canary network, ContextFree is the precursor to our subsequent Mainnet launch, for which the Roadmap can be found here. This demonstrates our commitment towards a decentralized future even as we roll out a privacy middleware platform with the highest standards of security and stability. In a nod to Geode, our Compute Nodes, phases have been named after periods in the Geologic Time Scale — see if you recognize any of them!

Big picture

Automata Network is a project recipient of the Web3 Foundation grant, and our infrastructure development and design is based on the Substrate framework, which allows native compatibility with Polkadot. In the future embraced by Web3, it is privacy that sits at the heart of a multi-chain universe — privacy that will abide by a community-first ethos, privacy that will uphold the fairness of decentralized systems, privacy that will restore the self-sovereignty of users.

The launch of ContextFree as a canary network ahead of our Mainnet launch is a symbolic milestone for Automata Network. As we work towards this vision of a Web3 collectively owned and governed by the people, we hope you are as excited as we are.

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