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Monster Galaxy Blindbox, Powered by Automata

Excited to share we’re embarked on a partnership with Monster Galaxy Play 2 Earn, the popular game franchise, to support their upcoming Genesis MOGA Blindbox with Conveyor. MOGA are cute monsters that can be captured and tamed in the game, and are also NFTs that can be freely traded on secondary marketplaces or the in-game virtual store.

“NFTs has become one of the rare occasions where we see how technological breakthroughs can transform industries, and nowhere is this more obvious and exciting than in gaming. It is important that we partner with a team with a strong and proven technical track record to ensure that players have peace of mind in their gaming journey as they create and collect deeper interactions.”

- James Cao, Founder and CEO at Monster Galaxy


While NFT launches are a very nuanced topic, we believe it is possible — and necessary — to provide an inclusive and fair platform so that value doesn’t just flow inwards to an exclusive circle of insiders, influencers or shadowy super coders. Deployment of bots and automated strategies by more sophisticated actors, for instance, have a significant advantage against the average user, often interacting directly with the minting contracts to wipe out newly minted NFTs or snipe the rarest items in high-demand and ergo highly competitive auctions.

Conveyor provides the technical ability for users to get NFTs at a fair price floor without favoring any privileged parties or allowing predatory users to gain a foothold:

  • A front-running-free zone made possible with ordered privacy. Transaction ordering is not revealed unless it is determined and unalterable.
  • It is impossible for malicious actors to inject new transactions into Conveyor’s output due to signature mismatch, nor is it possible to delete ordered transactions, which are broadcasted throughout the network.
  • WIth its technical approach, Conveyor does not require any additional miner bribe nor any prior modification from miners to work
  • True randomness is one of the most critical properties for a fair NFT auction. With hardware-based source of randomness, true random numbers will be used to drive the NFT Blindbox. As no single party, including the hosting nodes, is privy to the ordering before it is decided, this uncompromising standard ensures independent randomization in minting order, which makes it impossible for the source to exploit any knowledge to favor bids.

Exclusive MOGA rewards for the Automata community

“Time and again, clumsily designed NFT auctions have led to consistently poor outcomes for its most loyal players. Game companies with staying power are those who understand that the launch auction needs to preserve the underlying values of Web3 to avoid a repeat of its historically extractive past, and we’re thrilled to have a veteran such as Monster Galaxy onboard to steer the course together.”

- Deli Gong, Co-Founder at Automata Network

Together with Monster Galaxy, we’re hosting an exclusive incentive program for the Automata community. Follow the steps on Gleam by 23:59 PM on Dec 27th UTC to stand the chance to win 20 exclusive Pausto (one of the fan favourites rare MOGA!):


By now, you should be familiar with how privacy is core to Automata’s mission of a fair Web 3.0, for both philosophical and practical reasons. Blockchain gaming has resonated with so many people all around the world, especially beyond crypto-native circles, and Conveyor addresses the challenges of capturing and distributing value in a fair way for users at the intersection of NFTs and gaming — all without being technically intimidating.

What play-to-earn has unlocked is the ability for players to participate in the financial upside of the community and by extension, replace traditional forms of employment to help each other succeed. This is an incredibly powerful idea, and we look forward to sharing more details nearer the Blindbox release date. Make sure you’re following us on our socials or subscribe to our blog here on Medium to receive first dips.

About Automata Network

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

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About Monster Galaxy P2E

The Monster Galaxy series of games were first introduced in 2012 by Gaia Online and became an instant hit, garnering over 25m fans and over 1m followers on Facebook. Monster Galaxy P2E (play to earn) augments the previous versions by incorporating blockchain technology for a Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Monster Galaxy P2E is an exciting creature-taming and battling game set in the land of Sunshire. Players are tasked with growing their team of Moga monsters and leveraging their unique skills to conquer foes or help friends they encounter on their travels in an adventure-filled world.

The game model incorporates the concept of an open economy where players are incentivized to participate in various activities to earn Galaxy Gems. These in-game tokens are also required to purchase equipment and weapons, and special powers for their Moga monsters. Moreover, each MOGA represents a unique NFT that can be traded in the game’s virtual store, Gaia Club Marketplace, or any other NFT marketplace.

With never-seen-before monsters and distinctive characters, Monster Galaxy P2E promises yet another exhilarating experience that enhances their strong legacy in mobile gaming.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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