Racism in a pink suit at a Rockabilly Bar

So last night in a random bar post show in Hamburg I had to exercise the *pause* on this motherfucker in a pink suit out with his boys for a bachelor party……he thought it was OK/acceptable/clever/safe to come up to me and tell me “You black boys are always trying to kill me”

First thought was make him swallow ALL his teeth :neutral_face:…. But that kinda response breeds more negativity…. Instead i hugged him and whispered “pause” in his ear. And he DID. END SCENE!

Racism: I think it’s sad that this kinda shit ever happened in the past, and turns my stomach knowing that it still goes on in the present. Racism is a perversion a dirty stinking segregating way of thinking. So let’s not hide it then….. Lets continue to talk about it and combat this thing. Knowledge is power and its about time all sides of the story are heard/told/REPORTED!

We teamed up with German anti-fascist groups in Dresden — Stop PEGIDA — for a show on Thursday…. The stories I heard from people in the crowd detailing the happenings in East Germany are shocking…. None of this is reported in any world news that I have seen or heard! Black and Muslim people being killed….raw…..by Neo-Nazi groups. (Again… This shit NEEDS to be reported) I urge everybody to search this online and be in the know.

This is the reason I joined Atari Teenage Riot when Alec and Nic asked. No way could I be offered a platform to speak out on these fucked up wrongs and not take it….. I still love sequins and all that… But more importantly I’m here to vibrate higher and shine LIGHT:collision: Atari Teenage Riot supports the Anti-Fascist groups in Dresden!


Read it on (Medium) http://t.co/LkCNDL7Gve + (Twitter) http://t.co/zowLqe10zQ

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