How much does a blockchain platform cost?

Maxime Paul
Oct 4, 2020 · 3 min read

Defining a budget for a software platform is often a big struggle for companies, even more, when talking about new technologies like blockchain. How do you find what is needed to plan your budget? What are those expenses? What features would you need, and how much will it add up at the end?

Here comes:

To help you get quick budget estimates, at atato we decided to launch a new tool to help companies and startups estimate how much a blockchain app would cost.

This article will only cover the price of blockchain apps, but you can always refer to our article on Blockchain ROI here if you need more estimates about the revenue side of your business plan :-)

So, how much?

If you have already searched for information about blockchain development, the critical question you probably have to answer is: what will it cost me to launch my project? Blockchain software development has many different variables, and the answer you’ll usually receive is ‘it depends’.

We built to give you an idea of what ‘it depends’ on, which features you should consider and how they affect the price of your app. We cover the basics, from the development of smart contracts, the tokenization of assets, security, maintenance, and support.


The idea behind came out after a meeting when a customer had a clear picture of his platform but underestimated the extent of development required. We wanted to help companies to start working on their blockchain platform with an accurate idea of the necessary budget with the right information. Several existing websites are already providing similar services but mostly for app development and never for blockchain. We want to fill this gap.

What for?

More and more startups and digital transformation teams have identified strong opportunities for ROI and blockchain use-cases. aims to help you get an instant budget estimate to get started. We tried to cover most of you will need based on our experience building blockchain platforms for enterprise for the past three years.

Customizable to your needs.

Do I need an app? What kind of token? Shall we use a digital or hardware wallet? What is the cost implication of such choices?

Blockchain price is composed of 3main categories:

  • General: Size, UI, mobile app?
  • Blockchain: Private, Public, what kind of token or wallet?
  • Features: users, billing, security, admin, API.

We those three main categories, you should have a decent estimate of what a blockchain platform would cost you. Of course, for 100% accuracy, you will need to consult us and see specifically what you require. But at least you can get started on the next steps in your blockchain journey!

It is all about transparency.

Software is the key enabler of innovation today, and things are no different for blockchain apps. At atato, we believe that such costs shouldn’t be a secret, and we would like to assist any company looking at building its blockchain platform. So if you want to create your blockchain budget try it now!

Please feel free to contact us at if you need any blockchain services, education, consulting, development, and security.