Your code is obsolete and that’s fine.

  • As middles, we try to design comprehensive systems with a million capabilities, which we are then asked to simplify, because users might find them confusing.
  • In our senior years, we start making decisions that form the foundations upon which entire teams will build and develop, only to find out that another decision that precedes us has completely changed the course of action.
  • We now have to communicate the outcome of a workflow to an external party and we need to change how our logging behaves and reports events.
  • The system is abandoned because stakeholders changed their way of doing business and they now need a new system that is completely different from the existing one.
  • It may never see the light of day, but it has surely left a mark. It made you better. You tried new things, failed a bit and/or learnt a couple of new topics. Even if nothing of the above was the case, it totally helped you in some way to take a step towards mastering your craft. Accumulating knowledge and experience is your only weapon anyway.
  • You get paid for doing what you chose (and hopefully love) to do. Plain and simple. Bear in mind that, for some, this is still a wild dream.

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