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This is an email from The Blasphemous Voice, a newsletter by Atheist AF.


Ready? Okay!

An Introduction

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

Hello. This is the Atheist AF newsletter. Since this is the first one, let’s get to know one another.

Name Tom, Atheist (technically, an Agnostic Atheist, but we’ll go over that later), Lapsed Catholic (Fun fact: I’ve been an atheist longer than a Catholic).
Reason: Yes, please! But seriously, just regular old thinking led to the change.
Education: BA English Literature

I am currently working on an article reviewing the pamphlet, Answering the Atheist by The Word on Fire Podcast host Bishop Robert Barron. His producer Brandon Bach converses with Bishop Barron, talking about how to handle talking to an atheist.

I plan to post musings and pinderings about atheism and religion. Feel free to share with fellow atheists or theists. I welcome any and all conversations.

Tom McLaughlin

My other pages are Dark Verse and Vulture Droppings. The first is a publication on poetry of a darker nature. The second is a publication about horror.



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