Lean Service Design Workshop

All photos: Mário Pires

When i get a chance to learn or perfect my skills, i grab it without thinking twice. So, as soon as i knew that Productized was organising a one day workshop about Service Design, in their new workspace in Lisbon, i signed up immediately.

The hosts were Mirkka Länsisalo and Nelli Myllylä from Futurice, a innovation consultancy firm that has digital values at its core.

Mirkka and Nelli explaining the roadmap for the day

Hands on workshops are the best, and it was a great experience. Mirkka and Nelli excelled at directing, solving doubts, and keeping everyone on schedule. They wrote a blog post about the workshop giving their perspective, that serves as a good complement to the organisers view. I’m also preparing a post about the whole experience so that we have a view from the participants point of view.