A Woman Spoke At A Meeting. The Projector Stopped Projecting.

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

She spoke. She spoke at a meeting. The only woman in the meeting among six men. The men were stunned. The meeting halted with a screech. The projector stopped projecting. The laptops stopped working.

The woman spoke. She not only spoke, she questioned the man presenting his views on a certain business idea. All she said was:
‘Your point doesn’t seem valid. If we look at the YoY growth patterns for the last five years, your idea doesn’t match up to the data we have been using all these years. Either the data is wrong, or your point.’

That was it.

Blasphemy in a meeting room.

The men were stunned. They looked at each other. Silent vibes were passed like Chinese whispers. Except that there were no whispers. There are no reports of the presence of any Chinese men in the meeting.

For this one moment, the men didn’t like ‘data.’ In all other normal circumstances, Data is the POTUS of meetings:
‘Do you have any data to support your point?’
‘We do not have sufficient data to back this up.’
‘Can we have really intelligent BI tools to create more insightful data on this?’
‘We have to leverage the benefits of Big Data to ensure scalability, reliability, and holistic growth of the entire e-commerce section of our organization.’

The men at this meeting watched her. She was holding a pen between her index and middle fingers, just like a cigarette, and tossing it up and down with her thumb.

She was trying to ‘lean in.’

The meeting was concluded immediately. At the end, they put a medal around her neck. It was a huge medal with a small word embossed on it: BITCH.

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