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It’s a lifesaving medical procedure

Not to be confused with 1984 laws, from the novel by George Orwell
Debate; best done with signs
Blue=legal, green=semi-legal, yellow=restricted, brown=very restricted, orange=extremely restricted, red=almost fully restricted, black=completely illegal (source)

Banning Abortion Doesn’t Change Abortion Rates

Really makes you think…

Better Contraception DOES Change Abortion Rates

In a shocking twist, preventing unwanted pregnancies prevents people terminating their unwanted pregnancies. Quelle surprise!

Unsafe Abortion Kills

Can’t access abortion? You might have to jump off a roof.
Pictured; me beating the point to death because it’s super fucking important
If you guessed “abortion bans and abstinence”, you might be the president of the United States and have trouble with all those words

Global Gag Rule

Abortion rates before and after the global gag rule was reinstated

Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Cheezels are a mediocre Australian snack known for being incredibly irritating to get off your hands



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