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An Official Wakeup Call for Men in Tech

Are you woke yet?
sad, but true

VCs are not in charge. Technologists are not in charge. Ultimately, consumers are the ones in charge.

  1. It means that if your VC gropes a female founder and she goes to the press, it could endanger your entire fund.
  2. It means that if your organization discriminates against women and it becomes known, half the population could demand for your resignation.
  3. If there’s no women in power at your company, you will likely lose out on 40% of the workforce. They will likely feel alien and unwelcome in a place with significant gender disparity.
  4. This is serious and it’s time to address it. Jerks come with big price tags.

Women are not even a minority. When companies do not care about our perspectives, we do not support them with our dollars and talents. Allowing discrimination is not worth the cost.



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