Equality Part 1 — Feminism: Why The Hell is This so Controversial?

Let’s go right off the bat with this, I support equality. It’s absolutely abysmal that we live in a world where this is even remotely debatable. So I wanted to write something where I talked about equality, and how there is still even a bit of a debate. I will also refrain from using the word bigot, because that word just kind of bugs me as of late. Today, I’m going to talk about Feminism.

I’m starting with feminism because it’s a bit more widely under fire as of late. Partially because of misandrists masquerading as feminists, and partially because of feminisms response to these misandrists. Oh, and there are blatant liars looking to turn over a profit off of the whole ordeal (e.g. Anita Sarkeesian).

Now, I’m going to be very careful. This is a tricky subject to talk about. I was in a room earlier today, and someone said the word feminine, and it started a whole debate over modern feminism. It’s ridiculous that this is the state we’re in. There’s this crazy stigma towards feminism that begs the question, where does it come from? It’s because of misandrists.

You know that image of feminism you’ll see on certain parts of the web? You know, the “triggered” stuff? That, is the image those misandrists I was talking about earlier. They go around getting offended by everything, and saying that it’s all the fault of “CIS male scum.” Some people online will rebuttal that these people don’t exist, but I’ve met a group of them in real life. I saw an image online awhile go that was a couple of misandrists with a sign that said, “if you’re a CIS straight white male, we have nothing to say to you.” Aside from the fact that that in and of itself is discrimination that they claim to be fighting, they’re probably just associating their crap with feminism to garner more attention.

The worst part is, they get more attention than the women that actually stand for something right and just. They’re doing more harm than good. You know why? Because when someone sees this happening and sees that they call themselves “feminists,” they’re going to blame feminism for these people. Then, the feminists that stand for something okay will be ignored because of this load of misandrists. I have a friend who falls into this category of person. They see these misandrists, and they blame feminism. Now I want to be very clear here, there are feminists that are actually feminists out there. You know, people who stand for gender equality. The ones who want equal pay, and not the death of all CIS male scum.

But, lets go further; there are also people trying to make money off of this whole thing. I’m going to talk about one person though, and as I said earlier in example, that person is Anita Sarkeesian.

Now listen, there are not a whole lot of mainstream triple A games that feature female protagonists. Argue it as much as you want, but ask some random dude off the street, and they’ll probably say Tomb Raider. After that… um……………………..

The problem with Anita Sarkeesian is this, she is blatant liar. There are tons of videos on YouTube you could look up about this topic, so I’ll condense this a bit. First and foremost, the “facts” she presents in her videos are often presented without context, and some of the things she says around these things are blatant lies. For example, she was once talking about killing female strippers in Just Cause 2. I’m not going to pull the exact quote, but she pretty much said that the consequence for killing female strippers is not as heavy as the consequence for killing any other random NPC. The problem is, it’s the same consequence your faced with for killing any random guy/gal in that game. This is not as heinous as the other lie we’re going to talk about. The lie I’m referring to is here being a fan of video games. She says she’s been playing them for most of her life. Here’s the problem, she hasn’t. In a video that you can watch here she openly admits that she is not a fan of video games. This is from quite awhile ago, but it just makes it all more incriminating. The fact that she says she’s a video game fan, but has admitted before that she is not a video game fan makes her almost a criminal. Why? Because she accepted thousands of dollars in donations with which to make her videos (that she hasn’t used). The series, by the way, still isn’t finished.

Now that we have that out of the way, lets take the last problem into consideration. That problem is the response of the actual feminists. Feminists have not tried very hard to distinguish themselves from the misandrists. Actually, let me correct myself. They do try very hard, but no matter what happens, we still give the misandrists more attention. There are women who stand for actual equality out there, and plenty of them. So, lots stop giving the misandrists attention so that they’ll crawl back to their wholes where they also practice, shocker, racism.

Last but not least, I want to express something. I SUPPORT FEMINISM, AND GENDER EQUALITY. THERE ARE JUST A LOT OF BULLSHITTERS TRYING TO GARNER ATTENTION BY POSING AS A GROUP TRYING TO SOLVE AN ACTUAL PROBLEM. I only say this, because every single time anyone brings up feminism, no one ever agrees. But nine times out ten, everyone is on (more or less) the same page.

Stay tuned for later, when I’ll be talking about racial equality, and the problems that still follow it.

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