Why You Should Stop Telling People Not To Wear Makeup

Because there’s nothing pretty about makeup shaming.

“You look so much prettier without makeup!”

To you that might be true, and though we appreciate that, we do not only wear makeup to impress others. If someone wears makeup because they believe they look prettier with it, so be it. There are some who prefer our bare face, some who prefer our makeup face, and that is a non-issue. What’s important is what we think about our own face. Some people feel strange wearing a full face of makeup out of the house and don’t feel like themselves, and some people feel strange not wearing a full face and going out. If a person is so uncomfortable by either why is it an issue if they do what makes them comfortable instead? And honestly, most people already know they look amazing without makeup: they just choose to wear makeup because they like it, it’s fun, they’re good at it, it highlights their favorite features or it makes them feel good. Simple.

I prefer a person with a natural face.

Whatever someone puts on their face it is still their own face. Many times people will say they like a “natural face” or “natural beauty” without ever realizing what that truly means. They will point out women in magazines with what they deem natural when the woman is wearing bronzer, concealer, nude lipstick, light mascara, highlights and blush. For some people it is very hard to realize what is natural and what is not. When we see people with their natural face and backtrack on saying we prefer it, it’s very hurtful. Some people really do have such a beautiful natural face. Some are born with dewy skin, thick eyelashes, full lips and a natural tint in our cheeks, which is wonderful. But most of us are not. Most of us have acne, blemishes, dark under eyes, uneven skin tone, light eyelashes, and undefined cheekbones. Some of us would rather not go out in public with a natural face. It’s actually been proven that women who wear makeup in the workplace and in public are treated better than women who don’t because they look like they “take care of themselves.” Is that fair? Of course not, but our society puts a reverence on makeup whether we realize it or not. And if your natural face is what you truly love then go for it! Makeup is not a requirement, but neither is going bare. Do what makes you comfortable.

Women only wear makeup to impress men.

Women do not wear makeup to impress men. Some men cannot tell the difference between many products and techniques, so why bother? Women mostly wear makeup to impress other women. I would not spend $25 on a tube of lipstick or $40 on foundation for a man who can’t tell whether or not I’m even wearing makeup. When women compliment other women on their makeup or ask what products or techniques they use, it’s a bonding experience. It’s a real treat when a woman says “I love your highlight! Is that from the new Jaclyn Hill palette?” Many women will sit and watch YouTube tutorials of makeup techniques, will follow makeup artists on Instagram and Twitter, will wait impatiently for the restock of Kylie lip kits or Colourpop’s newest colors. Makeup is a community amongst women and those who choose to wear makeup. We truly do it to impress each other. And if a man is also impressed by our technique, then that’s just a cool bonus too.

I feel like I’m being lied to when I finally see a woman who wears makeup without it. #TakeHerSwimmingOntheFirstDate

I’m sorry but if you really thought a woman had permanently gold eyelids or red lips that is not her problem. If you cannot tell that a woman is wearing makeup that is a good thing. That means her technique is so flawless that she’s able to transform her look entirely and still have people think she’s not wearing a drop of it. That’s the power of makeup. And if you can clearly see that she has bright blue lips, contour, eyebrows done or thick fake eyelashes you are still not being lied to or tricked. If it is very clear that she is wearing makeup, and if you think she looks any less beautiful without it that is also your problem and not hers. Lastly, if you want to take her swimming on the first date to see if all her makeup will wash off and therefore see her “true” face, go ahead! Waterproof makeup is a very real thing and a lot of us have perfected a full face of it.

People who buy expensive makeup are wasting their money.

If the money being spent is their own that they worked hard for, or the makeup is a gift from a loved one why is it a problem? Makeup is expensive, it’s a simple fact. The more you pay the higher quality and longer last the usage of the product will have. You can buy an old car to get you from Point A to Point B which is inexpensive but not the most efficient, or you can buy a sleek sports car that will last you longer, looks better and has higher quality. We all have our favorite things we would drop serious coin for. For some it’s buying nice clothes, brand new books, expensive wine, sports merchandise, video games, getting our hair done, going to concerts and more. All these things can get really expensive but if they make you feel good then it’s worth it. It’s the same with makeup.

People who wear makeup are insecure or don’t love themselves.

This myth is the most harmful, and the one I hear mostly from other women. Women who wear makeup are not any less secure than those who don’t. And so what if she is insecure without makeup? For some makeup is a comfort and a way for them to feel good about themselves and put their best foot forward. Shouldn’t we be encouraging self love, positive vibes and doing what makes us feel confident and beautiful? Some people feel stunning with just a little makeup, some a bit more, and some not at all. It is not our job to police how others make themselves look good. There are just as many people insecure without makeup then there are with it. Instead of tearing each other down, uplifting our personal habits is key. Also, getting to that root of insecurity is essential to not lashing out at others who are living their lives the way they want, looking how they want and hurting no one. People who wear makeup should not shame those who don’t and those who don’t shouldn’t shame people who do. Find the love within yourself and you’ll be able to spread that love to others.

Makeup is an art. It’s joyful, unique, fun, beautiful and very exciting. Makeup transforms people in extraordinary ways and creates a wonderful platform for self-love, self-care, shared interests and inspiring talent. What more could you want?

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