For Other White People Trying to Be Allies to People of Color

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“Crew Love”, a 2017 illustration by LoveIsWise

If it were easy to be a true ally to people who are marginalized in ways that an ally aspirant is not, everyone who called themselves “allies” would be correct… but, that is not even remotely the case. Trust me, I’m a white person trying to be an ally to people who experience systemic oppression due to having skin darker than my own…emphasis on “trying”. Sometimes, I do well enough and am called an ally by marginalized groups. Other times, probably more often than I care to think about, I just wind up being annoying, martyr-esque, or paternalistic… hell, I’ve even white-splained racism to people who aren’t white. It’s a miracle that everyone has been patient enough with my screw-ups that I haven’t been slapped or cussed out… and by miracle, I mean my white privilege makes it far less likely that anyone of color would risk their reputation and safety by confronting me in a non-civil manner. Given the amount of unearned privilege white people experience, perhaps it’s fitting that educating ourselves on our privilege should take effort. After all, it usually takes way more effort to succeed in a society where the cards are stacked against you because of how much melanin is in your skin than it does to read and listen.

At this time, I’m in the process of reading Sister Outsider and The New Jim Crow, in the midst of learning how to be less of a white savior and more of an actual ally to people of color by learning how to advocate for justice without stepping on the marginalized toes of the very people I’m trying to empower and/or performing “ally theater” (I hope). In an effort to record this process, and to help other would-be allies, I’m listing things that I have read that are relevant in my pursuit of this goal; as white people, we need to be more accountable for our complicity in white supremacy — even if we are not actively bigoted, even if we are marginalized in other aspects of our lives, we as white folks are still part of a larger system of oppression and discrimination against people of color (PoC) in the United States. Having voted for Obama means nothing if I remain silent when police murder innocent non-white people; merely having friends/lovers/coworkers who aren’t white, avoiding use of racist slurs, and not committing hate crimes does not constitute allyship… as many an activist has told me, and as I have told many cisgender straight people: “ally” is a verb, not a title you get to claim for yourself. If you have the money to invest, please purchase books about this that are actually written by people who are not white. However, in the interest of accessibility, here are a ton of free resources for you to consume (they are not written/owned/produced by me, just read and/or watched by me). While reading them won’t instantly make you an ally (and gathering them did not and does not make me an ally), I’d like to think these pieces will put us on track to being better people with more empathy for PoC.

8/15/17 Update: in case it somehow wasn’t clear by now, if you think Nazis or Alt-Right or any other white supremacists “deserve free speech, like every other American”, you’re not an ally to any minority, you’re a vacuous witless pillock. Also, read this first. Additionally, while I’m using the term PoC to try not to pigeonhole people into categories, it’s not a perfect term.

Re: the KKK Rally in Virginia (see also)

Alt-Right 101 & 102

What White Allies Need To Do About That Rally

What Allies Should Not Do In The Wake of Said Rally

If you object to punching Nazis

On Use of the N-Word

White Fragility 101

Common White Ally Mistakes:

White Perceptions of Black Pain

Weaponizing PoC Emotions

Common White Responses to Articles About Racism Written By PoC

Safety Pin Nonsense

Re: Trauma Porn and White Consumption of PoC Pain/Trauma/Grief: One Two Three Four Five

In Healing Spaces

On “Color-Blindness”

The Objectivity Myth

Social Media Faux Pas

White Activist Mistakes

Accidental Racism & How To Fix Your Mistakes (See These Also)

Places Not To Be

Co-Opting Intersectionality

Things You May Not Know, or Have Noticed, And Need To Consider ASAP

On Impact vs. Intent (see also)

A Response To White Folks Who Are Uncomfortable With The Phrase “White Supremacy”

What To Do Instead:

Allyship 101 (general guides)

White Allyship 101 and 102

Processing Feelings Non-Oppressively 101 & 102

What To Say If You’re Called Out

6 Things White People Can Do To Reach Friends and Family Members to End Racism

Re: Atlanta Housing Crisis

Re: Indigenous Rights

Focus On Other White Folks

Confronting Bigots

Up Your Feminism Game

On Ending White Supremacy

How To Avoid Cultural Appropriation

Antisemitism & White Supremacist Groups

Read anything & everything on Medium by these writers: Son of Baldwin Anthony J. Williams The DiDi Delgado Ijeoma Oluo Talynn Kel Clay Rivers & Ezinne Ukoha . Also, follow and read Threads of Solidarity: WOC Against Racism .


Systemic Institutionalized Racism: A History & Case for Reparations

Beauty Politics & Race

Writings of Mickey Valentine

Black & Muslim in the USA

Colonialism & Rape Culture

White Privilege & Disability

Body Positivity & Race

Calling Out Racism Isn’t Divisive

Re: Brexit

On Black Male Bodies & White Supremacy

Sex Work & Race

Race & Queerdom

Islamophobic Muslims?

PoC Mental Health(these too)

On Being A Gay Man & A PoC

Trans Concerns

On Sizeism & Racism

Jewish =/= Always White

Re: Black Homophobia


Who Gets Banned & Blocked: Racism & Facebook

White Supremacy & Privilege

Aspects of White Supremacy

White Privilege 101 & 102

Regarding Extremism, Hate, & Terror

Field Guide To Anti-Muslim Terrorists

How To Talk To Your Kids About Police Brutality

Brotherhood of Odin

Skinheads & Prison Gangs

Confederate Flag 101

Introductions to Common Racist Terrorist Ideologies in the USA

History of the “Alt Right”


Indigenous Rights & Oppression (see these also)

PoC On Cultural Appropriation

On White Gay Media & Failings

The Trump Effect

Stop Shooting Brown People…

Model Minority Myth

Stereotypes & Shame

Why Calls For Diversity Are Not Enough

A Massive Amount of Resources For White People Trying To Be In Solidarity

Re:White Supremacy Culture

Libraries To Read & Toolkits To Download

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