How This 100 Billion Dollar Company Is Supporting Women and Minorities

I challenge every company to be like this.

Qualcomm, a 100 billion dollar company, just presented at CES, one of the largest tech conferences in the world, and they absolutely blew me away.

It wasn’t their awesome products that blew me away. It was something else, something much more important, something much more meaningful to me and to billions of others.

Qualcomm used their presentation as an opportunity to highlight the women, and underrepresented groups, that make their company worth $100,000,000,000.

It was incredible. Seriously.

Here’s what they did:

  1. They opened up with a video featuring several female inventors that have revolutionized how we experience technology today.
  2. The presentation featured two female speakers. A marketing manager and their lead robotics engineer (who rocked her presentation of an artificially intelligent drone).
  3. The CEO explained that the future of technology depends on working together with women and underrepresented groups.
  4. The end of the presentation focused on Qualcomm’s efforts to expose young women and underrepresented groups to engineering and programming.

I challenge every company to take inspiration from what Qualcomm did at CES.

If you know of a company that has done something similar, or you would like to discuss how to do it, please click here and let me know.

I am extremely proud that I got to see this at CES 2017 and that my company’s CEO and co-founder, Dave Cole, was a featured speaker during the presentation.

Keep it up 2017, I’m inspired already ❤

p.s. For those interested, here’s the detailed list of announcements Qualcomm made at CES.

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