Photo: Nina Suleiman

I am America

I call Louisiana home.

I bleed purple and gold.

I root for the Saints, every single Sunday.

I take hot sauce on my gumbo.

I drink Abita beer, harvest peach please.

I love long, hot summers in the south.

I fell in love at my first Braves game.

I eat barbeque and watch fireworks on the 4th of July.

I have turkey on the table at Thanksgiving.

I line my home with lights on Christmas.

I never miss a chance to sing the national anthem.

I wear red, white and blue with pride.

I honor my veterans.

I respect my officers.

I love my troops.

I wear shorts with my legs out.

I like country boys.

I listen to rap music.

I travel the world, but I always come home.

I am American.

I am Muslim.

Can you see me now?

Photo: Nina Suleiman
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