I Am No Longer Surprised That America Elected Trump.

On Independence Day, a reflection of present day realities…

I was among the people who did not expect to wake up to a Trump presidency. I was shocked, frustrated and deeply upset. I knew the negative sentiment around Hillary, but I thought the negative sentiment around Trump would be stronger. And I was surprised it wasn’t.

But, I’m no longer surprised.

The recent revelations about Silicon Valley’s power plays in the world of VCs and broadly tech have led me to realize one thing — none of us should be really surprised that America elected Trump as President.

Leading up to the elections and after, I saw prominent figures in tech make strong leftist statements about support for women, LGBTQ communities, diversity in races, hiring minorities, the whole nine yards. And strongly voice their anti-Trump sentiments. Including Chris Sacca and Dave McClure.

It is entirely possible that all of them meant those statements they made. But, here’s what I learned in the recent turmoil of sexual harassment reports that have jolted Silicon Valley.

An apology, even if it comes after being caught, will be celebrated when it comes from a person in power.

That reply to Dave’s tweet highlights the sentiments that got Trump elected. He was, after all, “just being a man”!

And the engagement on that tweet (659 likes and 340 retweets?!) indicate just how many people think that the apology is amazing!

And this is why so many people can accept Trump.

He is after all, just a man with sexual thoughts and needs.

He, after all, has sentiments about race just like some of us.

He is, after all, linguistically challenged and plain, just like some of us.

He is, after all, crude, just like some of us. And it’s a relief!

He is, after all, pompous, just like some other rich people.

Once you go down this path, it is so easy to see how Trump fits the profile of “someone we know” or even “someone we are”.

It is important to recognize that we are all human and that humans make mistakes. And it is important to forgive and forget.

Let’s not, however, forget that true apologies come with actions and ideally before being caught.

As to Trump’s America, I think we’re stuck in it for a while!

I am more convinced than ever that it is going to take a LOT of effort by every one of us before we can get out of this mess. Efforts that involve self introspection and education of our own friends and family.

The only way to improve is by starting grassroots.

Thanks for reading. I’m just a brown woman with American values and thoughts trying to make sense of life as it stands now!

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