Thanks for writing this.
Ronnie Heaven

I think we have so much mental capital into feminism and understanding women that there is often a deep misunderstanding of Men. One would think that Mens Rights Activism helps academically study and define males and masculinity but in reality this very angsty loserness of 4chan subverted this into something that is better described as Anti-Feminist and Anti-Female movement. It is predominantly a movement driven by anger and hatred than self actualization, love and empowerment. In that way they perversely try to define masculinity in terms of femininity!

Boys grow to become men through love, mentorship, guidance, support, belonging, and purpose. Biologically we are happiest when we feel appreciated and useful. Utility and Love defines the male gender at a biological level. Our ancestors relied on these traits of males for the continuation of our species. After we mate, our love binds us to the mother and child, and our utility helps mother and offspring survive to sexual maturity.

These are all just tendencies of course, not all men and women fit these gender roles but I strongly believe there is more than just societal conditioning at play in the definition of basic cis hetronormative gender behaviors.

We are entering an existential crisis for our species where the growth of our population and advancement of technology has reached the point where the economic value of a persons utility is approaching zero.

But there is still so much sufferring and need! There is still so much value people can bring through community service, caring for the sick and elderly, helping a cause. A new economy can hopefully reward peoples utility for just causes rather than allow disaffected peoples to burn CPU cycles playing video games and escaping into virtual reality.