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I’m going to chime in here with a woman’s perspective.

I am no softie. I have trained in martial arts and have the broken bits to prove it. I have also escaped a would-be rapist by fighting.

However, I want you to consider this regarding your stance on how women should defend themselves. There is a reason there are weight classes in fighting.

I have fought against men weighing 50 pounds or more than me, and I can tell you that it is darn near impossible to “win” short of inexperience or stupidity on the part of the heavier person. These, of course, were not fights for my life.

When I “won” by fighting and then escaping my would-be rapist, it was only because he was drunk and I had a bicycle to use for leverage. I had no desire to kill him. I wanted to escape.

Any woman confronted with an assault weighs the options of suffering rape, fight + escape, and the potential that she will be killed for resisting or simply because the perp is a psycho. If she chooses to fight, will she up the odds that she will be killed or will she facilitate her escape? Every situation is different.

I think you should consider how much you really know about the kind of confrontations women have been dealing with forever.

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