Personality on Paper

“Over Her Head” by Stephanie Jackson

A young dame, head full of wit

Antsy since the travel bug bit

Normalcy? She wants none of it!

See, the thing is — she will shy away

Once her skies scream thunderous gray

She’ll possess justification not to stay

Pocket full of opportune time

In-between hands that intertwine

In seeking something, never find

Pack up the memories in fluid motion

So swiftly, abstaining from emotion

Momentum tarnishes chance of devotion

Simply stepping up and stepping out

Still creating what she’s about

Cultivating comfort in doubt

Knowledge adopted as her ambition

Note-worthy risks: cold ammunition

Pressure, her push-to-start ignition

Cooking up crafty, minimal patience

Inspiration from the core basement

Fetching it all except for complacent

New dawn, new drink, new man on her arm

Impressing sarcasm and etiquette, dared to charm

Quite frankly, she sees no harm