Speaking Out On Sexual Harassment

Drawing #MeToo

When I heard about the #MeToo campaign, about how women are posting the hashtag on social media to indicate that they, too, have been harassed at some point in their life, I felt I had to draw something. The above is the result: a simple visualization.

I considered using a globe to show how this is an international issue; I have drawn about it before, in a post here, and below. Women are subject to many stereotypes, but the thing we have in common around the globe is harassment, on some level by some men.

As a cartoonist, I consider that one of my jobs is to shed light on things that we, as a culture, are doing. Sometimes I use humor, sometimes I use simple visualization like I have done above for the #MeToo campaign. I can’t always make a joke or cartoon “commentary,” and often should not. Sometimes the commentary is the act of making it into a drawing.

Sometimes it just needs to be said in a cartoon.

Women are coming out and sharing that they have been harassed. Each individual- regardless of gender — needs to call out sexual harassment when it happens.