Stop gas lighting minorities. Everything is not OK

The election of Donald Trump is scaring a lot of people. I hear a lot of people saying its all an exaggeration and there is nothing to be scared of

If you are a minority don’t let anyone fuck with your reality

In 2016 the mask is off. We are done pretending that things are all pretty and that the past can be so conveniently forgotten

A nation that has tried its best to bury and deny the trauma of slavery and patriarchy may now be forced to acknowledge and process its past

I’m noticing something really interesting in the aftermath of this election and that is that its not about black and white anymore. Its about those who support multiculturalism and progress with alternative fuels and technology vs those who want to go back to manufacturing, coal mines, white supremacy and sexism.

Lots of white Americans are devastated too. America is going backwards while the rest of the world moves forwards into the 21st century.

Here is a letter I wrote to my white friends who love this country and are worried sick about her.

Some voted for Trump because they thought it would be better for them financially but you can only put your own personal interests first so long before it starts to bite you.

Most American’s have never lived through political uncertainty. If Trump starts a trade war with China we will have far more to lose than anything we can get back in taxes. Prices for goods could skyrocket and investment could flee our country.

This article articulates why America’s choice of Trump signals that her best days are behind her

Its ironic that Trump supporters want to send undocumented Mexican’s back to Mexico by building a wall. Post this election, our countries future is looking shaky now while Mexico is doing well. Its likely that Americans might soon be lining up to leave Trump’s American for Mexico.

After all, Mexicans and others only want to come here because we believe in treating all people as equals and because we are willing to move ahead into the future.

Already I am coming across articles like these

If Trump wanted to calm the protests down he would not have hired the white supremacist cabinet that he chose. A bunch of aging white men who think that its their right to harass women and minorities are afraid that the people they want to marginalize are gaining too much power and so they are desperately trying to hang on to their false sense of superiority.

This is isn’t Africa, this is the USA and most people are not on board with these ideas and most people in this country know their rights.

I’m waiting to see if we can take our country back.