The big mistake nearly every woman makes

And, frankly, it’s not a mistake that only women make…

What is it?

You Believe You Can Lose Weight Using Diet and Exercise

Let’s start at the beginning…

First, think about your weight loss goals (ew)

Go ahead, get crystal clear.

I’ll wait…

• You want that six pack or the perky butt.
• You want to ditch your love handles
• You want your gross stomach to go somewhere else and be gross…

So what’s the problem? No matter what you do, you can’t lose weight!

Forty pounds is stuck to your body like a suit of armor… Despite your best efforts (and you have done some crazy stuff) the weight won’t stop clinging to you.

We put on massive burlesque shows featuring all types of bodies!

My name is Cat Cantrill. I run a Burlesque Studio in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I help women transform themselves with confidence and fitness programs. I have owned this studio for almost four years and I have helped thousands of women just like you. Not only that, I have been in your shoes, so I know exactly how you feel. I survived divorce and rebuilt my life from the ground up.

I will be your guide… Stick with me and I will lead you to enlightenment (or at very least some wild understanding).

So why can’t you lose weight? Because losing weight is impossible. It’s the wrong question entirely. It’s like trying to build something using the wrong ingredients…

Could you fly a balloon without helium?

Sure, you could ‘fly’ it in an airplane or toss it off a building… But in order for a balloon to fly NATURALLY, it needs helium. End of story. You can tie a string to it, run really fast and it will fly (kind of), but we all know you are acting crazy.

It’s the same thing with weight loss. You are trying to get your body to do something without reading the directions… (What are we, MEN?)

Fad diets are like trying to fly a balloon without helium… It might work for a little while, but in the end somebody’s lying to themselves…

I hear you saying, “Ok, Ok, We KNOW it doesn’t work… What do we have to do?”

I’ll tell you, but you won’t like it. You must adjusting your thinking. Heal yourself. You must do things that come by nature. If that sounds too scary, click off to some story about how you can lose 20 pounds by eating only cheese.

Still here? Great.

I will give you a shortened version of my plan… I will tell you the big parts and then give you a challenge…

Here is the overview… You can’t lose weight because you haven’t done the work of learning to love yourself.

DAMN… I have to do that?

Yes, you do. AND it’s a process. It might even be hard… But getting a balloon to fly seems kinda hard too, right? I mean… aside from the party store, where does one even GET helium?

Step One: Secret Wardrobe

The first part of my plan involves cleaning out your mental closet. As women, we are anchored to our clothes and the sacred place we keep them. It’s a holy space where we horde away broken feelings, memories of lost lovers, clothes from when we were… thinner…

I teach women to explore this area and rebuild it, and their attitude, from the ground up. I have seen women who were devastated by life walk out of their mental closets and become new women… sensual, self confident dynamo’s.

We must love ourselves. It’s the only way.

Step Two: The Love Test

This second step involves what you put in your mouth.

I hear this all the time, “If I could only get my diet right, I could lose 10 pounds.”

That’s Bullsh*t.

It’s not about diet, its about nutrition. I have a simple test before I put something in my mouth: Imagine your child or mother or spouse or someone you actually LOVE in front of you. In your hand is the next bite of whatever you are about to put in your mouth:

• French fries, ice cream, cookies
• Soda, juice, booze
• Hamburger, steak, chicken
• Cauliflower, avocado, nuts

You know if something is good for you.

Gif by Justin Gamon

You might lie to yourself and say you don’t know those chips after dinner make you fat… But you KNOW…

So your run everything through this test:

Would you give it to someone you love if the known effect of the food would take immediate action on them? I.E. They would die right away if it was bad for them. Would they develop diabetes and have their leg chopped off, only to die later?

For example imagine you are holding a fork full of broccoli… Is broccoli known to kill people over time? NO!

(You might have some tough guys who say eating broccoli would make them die of disgust, but let’s not go overboard on the dramatics).

So if you are holding a Big Mac, run it through the test.

Is fast food known to cause hypertension, heart disease, heart attack and stroke? F*CK YES. Would you give it to your child if you knew they would drop dead immediately? HELL NO

I call it the LOVE TEST…

Picture someone you love more than anything in the world, your mom or your daughter. Imagine feeding them the food. If you love them and you know the food is bad for you (in quantity or quality) DON’T EAT IT.

Using this method will skyrocket your mood. It will demolish depression because you will be eating NUTRIENTS, instead of something designed to look like food.

Diet problem solved

“Well, I just can’t control myself.”

Go back to step one. Learn to love yourself and make incremental changes over time. Stop trying to DROP 25 pounds try to gain 25% happiness!

Eat clean, Love yourself, rinse and repeat… Results will astound.

Step Three: The Fat Loss Lie

Exercise is the act of using your body for more than a way to get you from work and back to your couch. Once you set up the first two steps, you won’t have a choice but to exercise. Your energy will go through-the-roof and you will feel a sense of intense amazement flood into your life.

Be the Heroine of Your Own Story (try burlesque)

Everyone complains about ‘working out’. But when you feel good, you love yourself, and you eat in a loving way, your body will scream to be used. Take it for a walk, then explore some adventurous ways to move, like dance, rock climbing, or skiing.

Remember what it felt like to dance?

So we had it all wrong… We thought it was about crappy fad diets. We thought killing yourself in the gym was the only way. It’s really about learning to love yourself and treat your body with care… And the weight will simply drift away.

So my challenge to you is to find a program that can teach you to clear your mental closet, to become truly happy as you CARE for yourself for the first time. It’s going to be hard. But if you have the right guide, it can be a loving process.

In the end, you will either do it or not do it. The stakes are high. Failure equals death from disease and heartache. Success equals smiling in locations you never dreamt, with people who love you as much as you do…

Fill Your Balloon with Love and You will have no choice but to Fly…

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