The history of her story

Women have always worked. Be it Cleopatra — the ruler of Egypt, Marie Curie — Nobel Prize winner and the scientist who introduced us to the concept of radiology, Indira Gandhi — the politician nobody could win over in today’s time, Virginia Woolf — who through her novels changed the way people looked and thought about women. They all have been around.

Men continued to dominate but these women didn’t care. They did what they wanted to do it. And the interesting part is, they didn’t do it to show anything to the world. They did it for themselves.

The revolution never happened because women were tired of being dominated. The revolution happened because women wanted to rise above it all and do what they loved doing. They didn’t cry for equality. They cried for being able to chase their dreams and fulfilling them in their own way.

Now let’s come to a common topic: Feminism.

The above definition is what it actually means. And I know live examples of women who are as equal as men; who prove that definition without uttering a single wail of outrage. The real problem today isn’t feminism. The problem is how we understand and explain it.

Feminism actually focuses on equality. Yet, a lot of people misunderstand it and use it to suppress the other sex. Stop right there. That’s not what feminism is. This is why many women (including me) refrain from being labeled as feminists. The word has been exploited too much.

The right way to go about it is to do what you love. Because once you are focusing on your end goal, gender inequality won’t stop you. Right now you are focusing less on your goal and more on your rights. Keep them secondary. Be carefree enough and see you how you shine out of the struggle. Because those are the role models we need for gender equality. Those are the women the world will look up to. Not the one who whine.

Remember, the world doesn’t need outrage. The world needs equality.

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