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What the world needs now is love AND leaders NOT likes and posers

For the past month or more there’s been a lot of news that sounds like:

“He said this. She said that.”

“He did this. She did that.”

“He quit this. She started that.”

What’s clear is that some people are in pain. And it’s not up to us to judge whose pain is worthy and whose isn’t.

What’s clear is that some people are proud. Proud of their position, their prestige, and their power. They chose to use it as they wish. No one stopped them, no one wanted to stop them, or maybe it seemed like they were well intentioned, so why would they be stopped?

What’s unclear is the why?

Why did they make these choices?

Why is all this happening now?

Is it really unclear?

Or is it that it’s been filtered, silenced, and even subverted for so long, that now when one person makes a small sound an avalanche unfolds?

In our minds, we want a neat narrative.

We want a cause and an effect.

We want black and white.

We want science to decipher what was going.

Well too bad!

Cause all we’re going to get is a whole lotta gray.

It’s up to us to live within that gray. To get comfortable with it.

But that’s hard to do.

We don’t have time. We have work to do. Bills to pay. Mouths to feed.

Hence we need real leaders.

Not self-appointed or self-anointed figureheads who are seeking riches, recognition, or retribution.

I get that it’s hard to find real leaders right now.

And it might even be hard to believe they exist.

But they do.

They just are not going to look, act, or think like their current predecessors.

They aren’t going to embrace the stage.

They aren’t going to be the first speak out.


They are going to be doing small acts.

They are going to be consistently and quietly courageous.

Keep an eye out for them. Support them. Love them. Help them realize they are needed, wanted, and capable of doing more.

And hopefully, with our continued support and love, they will realize that it’s time to rise and lead us through all the gray.

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