When women empower each other

Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back

There has always been a silent war going on between women in general. “Who is the most classiest? Who has the most prettiest face? Who has the sexiest body? Who has the most successful career? And who has the most compatible boyfriend?” On and on and on… “who is the slut of the group and who is Holy Mary from the group?”
God, why would you care so much how someone else look like or the amount of people someone has sleep with? You don’t need to slut-shaming or looking down on someone just because it’s not the way how you live your life. There will be always someone who is more good-looking, more ladylike, more sexier, more whatever than YOU are. And that’s doesn’t matter one bit.

We should embrace the differences of us all.

And why would you be jealous of someone who has better looks? I don’t particularly look up more on someone who, in my eyes, looks physically prettier than someone who looks less prettier. Because you are either born with it or not. It’s not something you have achieved and worked hard for it. If you are going to be jealous of something, you can rather feel envious of someone’s wisdom and boldness. You can look up to that girl who works hard on her career and get inspired by it. No negative judgements and feelings needed towards that specific person. Instead, tell her that she has inspired you & that you feel grateful for it.

Women tend to judge so quickly, especially how someone’s carry herself with her looks and lifestyle. My sister always gets mean looks from other women, but why? Just because she dresses exactly how she wants to, just because she looks extremely beautiful, inside and out. It’s doesn’t give anyone the right to judge her & tell her how she need to live her life. I get inspired by her because she doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of her.

We need to not only insensitively make ugly statements and gossip it away. There is already enough negativity in the world. Why wouldn’t we empower each other more often? Judging and talking bad about others had always been easier than to stay positive. Don’t take the easy way out, which is taking each other down with our alter bitchy ego which any woman posses.

Don’t feed that bitch.

When women help each other, let each other live her own way and celebrate each other’s uniqueness — we will have a sisterhood instead of fighting a never ending war.

That will happen,
when women empower each other.

Originally published at www.ramblesbykim.wordpress.com