The #1 Way to Recover From a Breakup

and how to let go of assholes

Why do we meet assholes?

It simple. It’s all so simple.

People come into our lives for a reason.

People come into our lives to connect — for a night, for a month, for a decade, for a lifetime.

People come into our lives to love, and/or to give us lessons. Assholes teach us lessons.

If we don’t learn from our lessons, the universe will present the lesson again, and again, until we learn to not repeat a pattern. As well learn lessons, we become smarter, sharper, wiser. We share our wisdom. We find our way.

I fiercely manifest and set the intention for anyone struggling with another human being — be it a partner, a family member, a boss, neighbor etc., to free themselves of the hurt and/or anger. Read these words carefully. Twice. Let them sink in.

Too much grief, sadness, and anger is too much past, not enough presence.
Being angry is like drinking poison, and wanting the other person to die!

The first step in letting go.

Educate yourself on the lessons from Eckhart Tolle. The most recognized spiritual guru on the planet. Eckhart Tolle is a German-born resident of Canada best known as the author of The Power of Now and A New Earth: Awakening to your Life’s Purpose.

He will free you from the grips of pain that Assholes (and/or loved ones — and sometimes…that’s SAME person) can cause.

These teachings freed me, from people, from situations, from relationship trauma that I didn’t even recognize I had — and it can free you too.

  • Google “Painbody Eckhart Tolle” and read about the painbody. Any trauma physical and mental can be helped by understanding the painbody and how to cope and release it. And anyone who has ever gone through heart break knows painbody. Heartbreak sucks.
  • Google “Eckhart Tolle you tube” I won’t even list the specific topics to look for because all of them are equally on point and all will resonate. (Side note: I just have to say, I think Eckhart has the more adorable laugh ever. He is so soft spoken and monotone that it always cracks me up when he laughs)!

Eckhart’s teachings are incredibly. beneficial for:

all people

in all races

in all cultures

in all religions

across the world.

I’ve traveled with him so first hand I can say, his lessons are legit! They are on point! His lessons have helped me tremendously, daily. His teachings are woven in my words throughout my Medium Fierce Force 💃 stories.

Although Eckhart’s books are top notch, (The Power of Now has been translated into at least 33 languages and has sold millions and millions of copies) my attempt at reading them or listening on audible didn’t work for me. They certainly work for a lot of people, so give it a try if that’s what speaks to you. Although I love walking and listening to Audible, personally I find Eckart’s voice extremely monotone, and I don’t do well reading books anymore. The world we live in these days has me too distracted to focus on the pages for too long. However the youtubes I could watch and do watch over and over. Something about watching him, there is a calmness equivalent to that of watching an animal. And his messages, oh his messages.

Just this week, I have had some very unwelcome rare family drama. And I am all Ain’t Nobody Sweet Brown Got time for that! Here I am in all my glory, happy, clear, content, discovering more about myself each day, excited for my journey. I don’t need to get unhinged. I can’t allow disturbances around me to bring me down. I watch Eckhart and I listen.

Bringing myself back to presence, giving it perspective, and reminding myself it’s not my issue, not my monkey, took a weight off rapidly. I needed that feeling to go because it was not serving me at all. I got triggered hearing about the bs. and that quickly was building into a feeling of rage that immediately stiffened in my body and felt like liquid lead was being poured down my throat hardening when it got to my lungs. Presence! Ahhhh here- Eckart is speaking to me, and he stays with me.

Free your mind and get present.
Being conscious, living consciously, in-between your thoughts — that gap, that pause, in between the noise; that is presence.
The most beautiful place to live. Full of abundant love.
Being in that conscious space is a delicious place to be in, because it feels so free! This, is presence.
However, as human beings (BE — ING ever noticed that?) we have a mind.
So, let’s learn to use our minds, before our mind uses us.

I hope and wish and manifest each day this state of be-ing for everyone! Get yourself here, to this glorious head space, and you will remove all the heavy, thick, suffocating black tar sitting in your lungs and heart.

Breaking Up?

Are you or someone you know…

Going through a breakup?

Thinking about separation?

In the middle of a divorce?

Fresh off the cusp of ending a relationship?

Still in pain from a broken heart?

So basically, are you or anyone you know…

Walking through hell?

I am so excited to share this important information!

This is the best thing you can do for yourself as you walk through your pain to get to the other side.

Let’s face it. Going through a breakup sucks right? Even if it’s an amicable one, the emotional rollercoaster takes a huge toll. It’s mentally, physically, and most of all- spiritually draining. I recently discovered a group I wish had been around when my marriage blew up. Blew up AF.

I am not a fan of gossip and judging, and my kids are too young to need to know what happened, so I certainly wasn’t talking in my neigborhood. How I would have loved to have had a safe space to be completely open instead of going through it alone.

My local social life disappeared. My friends retracted. My neighbors went inside. People don’t know how to deal. I navigated my way out. I learned a lot. I’ve come a long way. Now I found a group to share lessons with. Now I found a group I am referring so many people too who are facing the challange of letting go. Who are walking through pain.

Today, I am feeling so, so moved to share this on Medium. When this happens, a pull so strong I have to drop everything to write, I know that someone out there right now, right this second, is supposed to read this at the very moment that you are.

So this, is for you. For that person. For that reader who will pass it on to that person who needs to see this. And if you do, and if it helps, you can thank the universe for my words being stronger then my to-do list.

No matter where you are in your journey to self-love, there is a home for you here.


This is a newly formed resource that is a fabulous place to have connection/support/help. You are not alone!

Here, you take the pain you have suffered, and turn them into lessons you have learned.

Here, you can heal.

Here, you can be empowered.

Here, you can grow.

Here can be authentic.

Here, you can peel all layers and find your truth, your true self, with unconditional love.

Private Facebook Group: Breakup Project

Public Facebook Group: The Breakup Project @breakup_project


Walk with us.

Recognize the people who lift you up in your life, let go of the people that don’t serve you. Live in presense. Turn pain and sorrow into self-love and empowerment.


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