So, about this Googler’s manifesto.
Yonatan Zunger

Your writing made me cry.

You completely and utterly summed up everything that was whirling around my mind as I waded through that pile of steaming shit he called a ‘manifesto’.

I am a female year 12 student (UK) studying at a STEM college and I am the ONLY girl in my classes. The micro-aggressions and blatant sexism I experience on a daily basis has worn me down to the point of considering dropping out and going back to my art. The other week I was chatting to a few classmates about how I’m moving onto the further mathematics course, instead of the regular maths. There are only 5 students that are still in that class, all of which are white boys. One of the boys was so clearly enraged and threatened by someone with such a tiny lady brain being able to do something he can’t, he looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘I can’t think of a single woman that’s done anything in mathematics’. Well, I don’t even have the words to respond to something like that. I’m tired.

I’m working on a research task that can be on anything I desire, I’ve chosen to do inclusivity and discrimination in the tech industry and the education programmes available to aspiring engineers like me.

I would really really love to talk about this article in my essay, would that be okay? I will of course give credit in the proper way and everything. Writing is a great weakness of mine, the way you wrote and structured your argument has inspired me so much, and not to be dramatic, it might have just changed my life.

Thank you so much for speaking out the way you have, you and people like you are fundamental to the future of engineering. You are helping to shape my future, and a applaud you for that.

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