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Athena.Trade Presents Proxima: Facilitating the Decentralized Technology Marketplace

DISCLAIMER: Athena.Trade Presents Weekly Series offers educational presentations to discuss relevant companies, industry experts, and other tangential professionals within the Fintech vertical, including but not limited to Blockchain, digital assets, and other emerging technologies. This does not represent any financial, investment, or legal advice. If you have questions, we recommend that you contact a professional in your jurisdiction and or area of regulation. We are a coworking community our member logos are visible on the graphic below. All information provided herein is footnoted properly below. If you have any questions on the validity of any source, please message Jenny Balliet, Director of Presentations at Athena.Trade.

Athena.Trade Presents: Proxima

Please join us on June 12, at 2pm for a presentation from the Proxima Investments team. These professionals will speak on the history of the company, various aspects thereof, and the future direction they see for the Digital Asset classification overall. Bios of each found below.

Please, RSVP here:, to save your seat. We will also broadcast live on Twitter, and post the presentation here afterwards.

Part 1:

Part II.


The Fund’s investment strategy is centered around three core principles:

(1) an in-depth quantitative and qualitative algorithmic research suite that provides market leading value analysis of digital assets,

(2) rule-based active management grounded in statistical theory, and

(3) optimization of trade execution by building, maintaining, and updating software to both maximize performance and allow for the most intelligent automated actions.

The Manager’s valuation analysis of both the digital asset market as a whole and each individual digital asset separately is first and foremost data-driven. The Manager constructed its own in-house research database that automatically tracks and updates key indicators, along with qualitative scores for many influential factors unique to digital asset valuations. This data helps the Manager to create meaningful forecasts for short, medium, and long-term price movements for digital assets, regardless of their specific industry, timeline, or objectives. Through this continued research, the Manager believes it has achieved a better understanding of digital assets and their impact and influence over the whole marketplace. When combined with the aforementioned whole-market analysis, the Manager is left with very meaningful data that allows it to create intelligent and rule-based management strategies.

The Fund’s active management strategies are grounded in statistical theory to achieve the goals of maintaining the Fund’s upside potential while also remaining proactive in managing risk. The digital asset marketplace often moves with significantly higher volatility than traditional capital markets. It is thus imperative to have portfolio management strategies that not only are cognizant of this, but utilize real data, goals, and risk tolerance by quantifying them as a function of the market in which they trade. By running this analysis over both each individual asset and the whole market, the Manager builds a quantitative rule-based management strategy for both the Fund’s whole portfolio and its individual asset allocations.

The Fund will leverage the Manager’s deep understanding of market mechanics and software to optimize trade execution, taking into account liquidity and execution implications and concerns between the Fund, the venue, and the entire market. The Manager’s extensive experience in high-frequency trading has allowed them to build proprietary software that is optimized for performance, intelligence, and risk-management. This investment was made in order to improve execution for the portfolio and increase the returns for the Fund.

By constantly improving upon these three core tenets, the Fund will offer a unique opportunity to access investments in the digital asset marketplace.

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Bios of Speakers


Jonathan Sesso serves as a consultant for blockchain business development with IBM. Prior to IBM, Jon spent two years at Morgan Stanley, where he primarily brokered retail syndicate IPOs, secondaries, and equity block trades for several private clients. Jon also serves as an advisor and strategist for Redwood Partners — a U.S. bank stock hedge fund.


Matt has over 10 years of experience in market-making, high-frequency trading, and quantitative finance. At Optiver US, he served as team lead of Currency, S&P 100, and Emerging Markets options trading teams. At Belvedere Trading, Matt was the head of electronic trading, responsible for algorithm design, software optimization decisons and the education/management of all electronic traders and trading system. He holds a M.S. in statistics from the University of Illinois. Matt’s cross-disciplinary experience in trading, technology, and mathematics makes him a strong portfolio manager with an avid knowledge of the machinations of the marketplace.


Zachary Rivera founded and ran Neochrimata Capital, a successful cryptocurrency hedge fund. After the bull run in 2017, Zachary exited his clients’ long positions in January 2018, showing a disciplined feel for market psychology. Zachary possesses a deep understanding of the digital asset space, including the underlying technology, economic considerations, and overall market psychology.


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All information with respect to Proxima Investments was provided by Proxima Investments and its team. The team’s contact information is found below.







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