Athena.Trade, Become A Part of a Financial Revolution…

Jenny Balliet
Apr 24, 2019 · 3 min read

Coworking for Crypto, Blockchain, & Fintech

Athena.Trade Presents Weekly Programming RSVP at Athena.Trade is the first #coworking space of the Midwest dedicated to Crypto & Blockchain


Athena.Trade is the Midwest’s first and premier coworking community dedicated to the intersection of crypto, Blockchain, & fintech. We facilitate connections by and between our members and actively collaborate with all other coworking communities. A desk at Athena.Trade is your bridge to become a part of a financial revolution.

Wednesdays, we host Athena.Trade Presents, where we bring in innovative companies and industry experts to present to our members and friends. Click below to request more information.

Membership Application | Presentation Application | Join Our MeetUp

Athena.Trade Presents

When you arrive at 211 W. Wacker, simply check in at the desk, and the attendant will ask for your name and direct you further. If you have not registered, you can provide your name to the desk.

What you can expect: Generally, presentations begin shortly after 2 pm, and last one hour. The format is up to the presenter. It may include any or all of the following:


We structure our presentations so that our coworking members, in essence, are sponsoring the presentations. Since each of our coworking members’ logos appear on the co-branded announcement, we have a careful due diligence process for outside companies. We encourage anyone interested to apply and present; however, this process may take longer than if a member ‘sponsors’ the presentation per se. We also suggest that applicants watch or join in a few of our presentations before applying. If you are interested in presenting, Please click here.

We exist for the benefit of our members, therefore, each presentation is geared to their interests or needs.


Membership application & tours are available by contacting Cenacle Capital|
Presentation Applications are available by contacting Jenny Balliet

We highlight our presentations in our Medium Publication where each presentation has a coordinating article. If you missed one of the programs, be sure to check out them out here.

We look forward to you joining in our event series! Cheers!

Our Parent Company is Athena Bitcoin. To learn more about the Athena Family of Brands, please find them on the web or follow them on social.

Athena Blockchain | Athena.Trade | Athena Bitcoin | BitQuickCo

Athena Investor Services | Argentina | Colombia | Athena Mercado


Become A Part of A Financial Revolution…

Jenny Balliet

Written by

Dir. of Presentations, Athena.Trade|Consultant| |Educator|ADD/ADHD Coach|M.Ed. |Writer|MLAW student|Founder of MinED & Lula & CO|Mom (12yo ESports Gamer/Writer)


Become A Part of A Financial Revolution…

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