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Athena.Trade Hosts After the Bell: Chicago

Institutional Adoption, How Close Are We?

DISCLAIMER: Athena.Trade offers educational presentations to discuss relevant companies, industry experts, and other tangential professionals within the Fintech vertical, including but not limited to Blockchain, digital assets, and other emerging technologies. This does not represent any financial, investment, or legal advice. If you have questions, we recommend that you contact a professional in your jurisdiction and or area of regulation. We are a coworking community our member logos are visible on the graphic below. All information provided herein is footnoted properly below. If you have any questions on the validity of any source, please message Jenny Balliet, Director of Presentations at Athena.Trade.

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 5:30 pm | 211 West Wacker, Chicago

We are thrilled to host, After the Bell from the Mankoff Group. The event is sure to be an exciting discussion, particularly as the dynamic world of crypto and Blockchain edges toward ‘Institutional Adoption.’

Panelists include

Alan Savage, Partner, FinTank
Eric Gravengaard, CEO,
Athena Bitcoin & CIO, Red Leaf Advisors
Jason Urban, CEO,
Drawbridge Lending
Jim Falvey, General Counsel & Chief Regulatory Officer,

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About After the Bell: Chicago

While the Mankoff Group tours the globe with similar events, we are partial to the uniqueness of the Chicago ecosystem and all its coordinating talent. or as our member and Former Lead Market Maker at CBOE, now CBOE Global Markets.” — Cenacle Capital

“What is exciting is that the early-adopter, retail investors are temporarily on the sidelines as all the recent activity has largely been with Institutional players; this is Chicago Trading 4.0 — Bill Ulivieri, Cenacle Capital [6]

The night will comprise of two informative panels and networking opportunities to follow. The last Mankoff event was held during Chiberia, therefore, it is only fitting that the next be held in the dichotomous Chicago summer!

My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

As Old Blue Eyes famously crooned, “My Kind of Town, Chicago is…” Chicago [has] a unique ‘Razzmatazz and…all that jazz. Or, more specifically, Chicago is “one town that won’t let you down.“[4] From the Chicago Board of Trade, (CBOT), to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group (CME), and the Chicago Board of Exchange (CBOE), onward through the Bull Run of 2018, and now the market resurgence of 2019, Chicago has always remained agile.

As further evidenced in the Chicago History & Business,

“[Despite various downturns in the global economy ] …the city, having adjusted to a series of economic shocks and dislocations in the 1970s and 1980s, remains the most important economic and business center in the interior of the United States.”

“Indeed, with its increasingly diversified economy, metropolitan Chicago appears well poised to continue as the economic powerhouse, if not the growth engine, for the greater Midwest.” [2]

Given the many iterations of trading and finance, which have been synonymous with the culture of Chicago, home of the pinnacle global derivatives market, the CME Group,

“CME Group is the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, made up of four exchanges, CME, CBOT, NYMEX and COMEX. Each exchange offers a wide range of global benchmarks across major asset classes.” [3]

In concert with CBOE Global,

“CBOE is one of the world’s largest exchange holding companies, offering cutting-edge trading and investment solutions to investors around the world. CBOE offers trading across a diverse range of products in multiple asset classes and geographies, including options, futures, U.S. and European equities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), global foreign exchange (FX), and multi-asset volatility products. Our trading venues include the largest options exchange in the U.S. and the largest stock exchange by value traded in Europe. In addition, the company is the second-largest stock exchange operator in the U.S. and a leading market globally for ETP trading.” [5]

Or, rather,

“Chicago is, and will always be, Agile to Innovate.” [1]

Chicago’s well-documented history, poised with its agility and instinct to innovate are evident. It is with this in mind, we ponder the question,

In our new digital economy, what challenges are left for institutional, crypto currency & Blockchain adoption?

Social Media

Given the cryptocurrency and Blockchain population is quite active on Twitter, follow these accounts to get the skinny on the event. The links below go the presenters Twitters: AthenaBitcoin, EGravengaard, TradeEMX , Athena_Trade, DrawBridgeLend, FinTankChicago. Tweets during the event will use the #AfterTheBell


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For More Information on Our Panelists Companies

FinTank | Athena Bitcoin | DrawBridge Lending | EMX

Disclaimer: This event is a networking event. It does not represent any legal, financial, or investment advice. This is an event open to the public for informational and educational purposes only.



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