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Have you Thought Outside the Logistics Box?

boxbit Presents at Athena.Trade

DISCLAIMER: Athena.Trade Presents Weekly Series offers educational presentations to discuss relevant companies, industry experts, and other tangential professionals within the Fintech vertical, including but not limited to Blockchain, digital assets, and other emerging technologies. This does not represent any financial, investment, or legal advice. If you have questions, we recommend that you contact a professional in your jurisdiction and or area of regulation. We are a coworking community our member logos are visible on the graphic below. All information provided herein is footnoted properly below. If you have any questions on the validity of any source, please message Jenny Balliet, Director of Presentations at Athena.Trade.


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Please be our guest on floor 15, as Scott from boxbit presents to members & friends on how to leverage existing software solutions using #Blockchain to create a single source of truth and trust. Sounds intriguing? We think so! See below for a more detailed description of the solution this innovative Company proposes. Since the team does not currently have a Social Media presence, and their website is under construction, we have created a summary of the Company below. Want to learn more? Snag your ticket today!


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As evidenced below, 70% of all goods is transported annually in containers today. [1] This creates a $4 Trillion Dollar industry, and sadly 20 % or $5 Billion USD are wasted on courier service and Bills of Lading (BoL). [1]


Logistics is a complicated process, with many large-scale enterprise solutions. However, for the smaller shippers, updating or implementing comprehensive change is not an option, despite the promise of efficiency, many companies cannot overhaul their entire infrastructure.

The pain points are clear, as evidenced below. 70% of all goods are transported annually in containers, creating a $4 Trillion Dollar industry, and sadly, 20% or $5 Billion USD are wasted on courier services including paper Bills of Lading (BoL). [1] The need is pervasive, how can you integrate innovation within the legacy systems in a cost-effective manner?

Cost Efficient

What if there were a more cost-efficient option to paper and courier? What would that process look like, feel like, and what would be the general disposition of deployment? boxbit addresses this through a customized architecture that tailors the process documentation in a digitized format to each mode of transportation using smart contracts. Thereby leveraging the power of digital ledger technologies to provide a single source of truth.


This architecture is carefully designed to encompass the entire logistics process and every facet thereof on the Ethereum blockchain allowing private and public blockchains to work seamlessly together yet preserve the needed company data confidentially.

Carefully curated Team of Industry Experts

Come learn more about this dynamic company on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.



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