The lawyers won’t like this one. Introducing the Contract Re:Design Slack Group.

We’re a group of curious people re-imagining what contracts could like look like in the digital age. We share ideas, projects and feedback in our free Slack group. If you’re already sold, go here to sign up. If not, keep reading. You will be.👇

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We need a little bit of space. A space where we can build a community of people that think like us. That believe contracts can be less intimidating and less divisive. That they can have cartoons, audio, interactive elements, colours and other fun stuff to make them more more inclusive, more informative, and more engaging. That they can be more than just endless blocks text written by lawyers for lawyers. That they can have outsized impacts on culture, brand and growth.

Let’s face it. Most lawyers will not be happy.

Building contracts should involve others, not just lawyers. That artists, information designers, developers, culture folks, talent and HR peeps, entrepreneurs and other bright people can help transform contract interfaces.

So we’re really excited to announce the Contract Re:Design Slack Group. A free, open chat-room where we can toss around ideas, get feedback, share projects, plan things, and connect with great people.

Join the Contract Re:Design Slack Group here:

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Adrian Camara is a founder of Paper, the platform to re-imagine contracts and how your teams collaborates on them.