The vide of the campaign. Wants To Connect Athens And Berlin Through A Cultural Bridge

With your help the first Greek-German magazine between Athens & Berlin is about to happen.

Most probably Athens isn’t the new Berlin -although June of 2018 has shown a remarkably unfamiliar for Greece’s latitude, weather. Apart from disputes over fiscal and political policies over the years, the two countries have shared cultural symbols as Birkenstocks and the significant art fair Documenta 14. What else is left? — A platform for debate between the two cities.

AB International is a new media initiative focused on culture, politics and society, the first Greek-German magazine between Athens & Berlin magazine, as its creators say. Theodor Hillman and Danai Moschona of German and Greek origin accordingly, want to create the first bilingual print to connect both cities through a cultural bridge. Its contributors will be journalists, photographers, writers and artists from both cities, aiming to open a dialogue between two countries’ realities.

“As representatives of our generation, we have a responsibility in what we do and what we say. We want to share our vision of a liberal-minded society and reinforce cultural exchange. This is the only way we can bring new possibilities and perspectives to life” stated Danai Moschona, one of the founders of the magazine.

After the first issue, the magazine will be published every six months in both cities. “We hope to make a change. It’s a long way to go, but we are convinced, that we are going in the right direction” said Theodor Hillmann, Editor in Chief.

For that, AB International, has started a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext. If their goal is succeeded, the first issue of the semi-annual magazine will be due in October 2018. Collective effort is much needed!

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