A refugee at the former international Helliniko airport, south of Athens, Greece during a visit by the migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas. Athens, Greece, February 5, 2017 Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

Are You Syrious? — Weekly Digest (11/10/2017–17/10/2017)

Summarized: this week’s reports about the refugee situation in Greece courtesy of Are you Syrious?.

60 volunteers and activist groups signed a letter calling to all responsible for urgent action on the islands before the winter starts. Now mayors and the Union of Municipalities and Communities of Greece (KEDE) joined them with a series of letters addressed to the Greek government. They also asked for a meeting with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

In the letter, they warned about the congestion on the islands.

Currently, all of the existing reception centers on islands are overcrowded.

Chios, Vial Photo: عشتار للهجرة واللجوء


  • Vial has around 2000 people while its capacity is 800. Souda camp should have been closed this week, but volunteers noticed that two large UNHCR tents remained standing and inhabited.


  • Vathy center at Samos has a capacity of 700, while there are almost 4000 people at the center and around it. And more people are coming.
  • According to the Middle East Monitor, hundreds of refugees have taken shelter in the forest of Samos in response to horrifically inadequate support inside the camp.
(Photo: Middle East Monitor)
  • AYS reports that 400 family are in transfer to Kavala, Northern Greece from Samos. All pregnant women will be among those who will be transferred in this group. The camp accommodates now around 350 people and volunteers are saying that the situation is considerably good. During the last winter, warehouse with tents was transformed into apartments. However, it is not clear where people from Samos will go since there is no place for 400 people in existing accommodation. It does not mean that the situation in Samos is getting any better.


  • Conditions in Moria, are disastrous. The latest info is that women are given adult diapers so they don’t need to go to the toilet at night.

Nevertheless, the process of relocation to the islands remains extremely slow.

  • Activists from the islands are asking all people to join them in their calls for help. Arash Hampay sent AYS a letter saying that a group of activists would like to make a joint video-statement with different people reading the following text.
We the Children, We the Refugees, We the Volunteers, We the Activists,
We the Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Lawyers, Social Workers,
And we, the citizens of the democratic European Countries and Countries around the World.
We are not only concerned but shocked by the conditions for migrants and refugees in Greece.
Early in the morning of 8th October 2017, a 5-year-old girl died in Moria Refugee Camp on the island of Lesvos, Greece. Although the circumstances of her death are not yet clarified, this terrible fate highlights again what we have been saying for a long time: “Refugee camps like Moria are not safe; not for children nor for any human beings”.
United, we demand the Camp Management, the UNHCR, the Greek government, the European Union and all the other responsible actors immediately to change and improve the living conditions for people seeking asylum and safety.
Furthermore, we ask all citizens of the democratic European countries and around the World to stand up, judge and condemn the ongoing systematic violations of human rights. Being part of a democratic system means we all share responsibility for what is happening in the name of our governments.”

The letter calls on all of us to be part of the action. If you want to join, write to Arash or No Border Kitchen Lesvos.

  • Ministry of Interior — E.G. for Migration policy published info about Asylum Procedures fro
  • As we can see from info-graphic last two years in Greece were increasing of number of Unaccompanied minors. Children to the age of 13 are also the second biggest group in last five years who applied for asylum in Greece.
(Info-graphic: Ministry of Migration Policy)

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