Souda, Chios. Photo credit: Giorgos Moutafis

Are You Syrious? — Weekly Digest (12/6/2017–17/6/2017)

Summarized: this week’s reports about the refugee situation in Greece.

Italy is the main arrival country, data from the International Organization for Migration shows. Unfortunately, this means more deaths as boats cross open sea. According to a UN report, 29% are children and 22% are women.

Source: IOM


  • Refugee Support Greece has announced it will leave Alexandreia at the end of June.
  • The Ministry of Migration has opened two new refugee camps, in Serres and in Drama. They former can host up to 650 people, the latter up to 400. Both will be run by the IOM.
  • Solidarity Now and UNICEF launched the “Blue Dots” programme. They will be creating Child & Family care hubs for vulnerable groups living in refugee camps and urban settings. A range of services will be offered at every “Blue Dot,” from legal counselling to psychological support.


  • A 6.4 earthquake hit Bulgaria and was felt through the islands on Monday 11/6/2017.
  • A 5.0 magnitude aftershock earthquake hit Western Turkey at 19:50 on Saturday. No damages or casualties were reported.
  • “Refugee children at the Souda refugee camp on Chios are toxically stressed,” a psychotherapist testified at the Concordia Europe Summit. They would be better off knowing they would stay in the camp for the rest of their lives, since “Nothing is more destabilizing than uncertainty.”
  • On Thursday 15/6/2017, the UNCHR announced that buses will not run from the camp at Vial to Chios town until the end of the month. No justification was provided.
  • The municipality of Chios started tearing down tents at the beaches and moving people to camps, which are already overcrowded.
Workers destroying tents close to Souda camp, Chios — photo by Jelle Jalla
  • On Sunday 18/6/2017, 52 people were rescued off the shores of Crete and transferred to Athens.

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