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Wall in Athens. Photo: Gerasimos Domenikos / FOS PHOTOS

In 2018, The Recorded Racist Violence In Greece Was Increased

Refugees and migrants were targeted for one more year. The findings of the Racist Violence Recording Network are worrying.

Comic Strip by Dimitra Nikolaidi for ValtousX

Here are the key-findings, based on the RVRN recordings, for 2018:

1. The support base for violent acts against refugees and migrants is expanding. The RVRN recorded incidents showing signs of organized attacks, or committed by organized groups. These groups proudly state that they are infused with extreme xenophobic ideologies, they adopt the relevant vocabulary and practices and believe that they are on a mission against the non-Greeks. In addition, the RVRN has recorded aggressions against asylum-seekers in other aspects of everyday life within the city. There are two trends: incidents involving families of refugees and unaccompanied minors when using public transportation and incidents where the perpetrators are either neighbours or the landlords in whose properties the refugees reside.

Pakistani immigrants prayed in Omonia Square, down town Athens, for Mohammed Nadim, the Pakistani immigrant who was found dead on Friday February 13 at the detention centre in the Amygdaleza suburb of Athens. On Monday February 16, 2015 Photo: Panagiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS



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