#MakeAthensLive — Day 3 Update

From the Office:

Everyone has been working incredibly hard today. The emails, messages, and calls just keep coming! Sotiris has been doing an amazing job keeping up with our social media accounts.

Bryn and Tassos have been fielding questions about AthensLive. You’ll certainly see our project featured in some great publications very soon! A few have been published so far, including a fantastic interview with Vasso, and you will find the links below.

Nick and Vasso continued covering refugee deportations in Lesvos. Tomorrow Nick will be heading back up to northern Greece to cover the latest in Idomeni and visiting one of the accommodation centers the government is building for refugees. Yiannis Βaboulias worked on our coverage of the Panama Papers. Yannis D. filmed two reports, both edited by Gerry.

From Indiegogo:

At the time we published this, we had recieved €8,379 from 150 backers. That’s 14% of funding goal. We are incredibly honored to have the everyone’s support! Please keep sharing the campaign and we’ll meet our goal in no time.

From Twitter:

We have reached 4,186 followers!

Here are some of our recent highlights:

Vasso spoke with Mediapart and announced our collaboration. You can see the article by Amelie Poinssot in French here.

Our friend Rico Grimm from Krautreporter spoke to Tassos to find out just why we started AthensLive. Check out what Tassos said in German here.

direkt36 of Hungary said some great things about us (and the feeling is mutual).

Our favorite aphorist, NeinQuarterly, continued to tweet out his support.

From Facebook:

We’ve gotten an astounding 9,193 page likes and our campaign video has been viewed more than 41K times.

On the way home after a long day at the office, we stumbled upon the police detaining 40 refugees in #Athens. Living and working in #Greece helps us bring you breaking news first. Here is our exclusive footage:

Today Vasso shared a story about a young Syrian refugee in #Lesvos’s #Moria “hotspot” that now functions as a detention center. It is a glimpse of childhood in the face of deportations back to #Turkey.

Photo: Vasiliki Polychronopoulou

We also reported on a statement released by the Greek government today. It is now estimated that there are 52,666 #refugees are currently in #Greece.

Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

Yiannis Βaboulias introduced our first investigative endeavor with a video on the #PanamaPapers.

Some of our supporters visited our office to say why they want to #MakeAthensLive. Feel free to stop by and add to our album!

Thanks again for the support! Please keep sharing our project and if you haven’t donated already, check out our Indiegogo campaign. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and keep checking back on Medium for more campaign updates. You can check out our website too.

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