#MakeAthensLive — Week 2 Update

Running a crowdfunding campaign is definitely like running a marathon!

From the office:

Yiannis-Orestis and Elvira have been working on an exciting set of articles about the Greek press, starting in the 1980s and following its evolution to today. Yiannis B. has been continuing his coverage of the Panama Papers and another installment is forthcoming.

Tassos has been in meetings and getting interviewed daily. Along with her usual writing and editing work, Bryn has been working on a promising application for funds from a foundation that supports independent, critical media.

Keep an eye out next week for one of the biggest stories we have worked on so far! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

From Indiegogo:

In two weeks, we have raised €14,820 or 25% of our goal from 301 backers!

From Facebook, Medium, and beyond:

We reached more than 10,000 likes on Facebook this week!

We interviewed three Greek student activists at the Law School of Athens about France’s Nuit debout movement, its implications in Greece, and similarity to the OXI campaign.

Earlier this past week, we attended a Fight for $15 solidarity rally in Athens. The initiative started in New York City but has since spread to over 300 cities, advocating for the rights of low-wage employees.

Photo: Angelos Christofilopoulos / FOS PHOTOS

Our friends Tom et Antoine, two Swiss journalists, showed their support in this video:

Protesting cuts to education funding on Friday, a group of teachers managed to evade riot police and storm the Education Ministry headquarters.

Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

mediapowermonitor featured our initiative in a recent article that can be found here.

We were there when refugees and activists in Ioannina blocked both directions of Egnatia motorway — a main road in the north of the country — protesting the poor living conditions in the relocation centers set up by the Greek government.

On Medium, we reported that the Greek electronics chain “Ilektroniki Athinon” has officially declared bankruptcy, resulting in the loss of 450 jobs and the shutting down of 45 shops around Greece.

Photo: Angelos Christofilopoulos / FOS PHOTOS

Nick was in Lesvos to cover Pope Francis’s visit, where His Holiness brought three refugee families back to Vatican City. It was said that such an act was a “gift from God.”

We also published an article featuring the Metropolitan Social Dispensary of Elliniko. It provides healthcare to the poor, uninsured, and unemployed with solidarity, not as charity.

Photo: Angelos Christofilopoulos / FOS PHOTOS

On Bryn’s personal Facebook account, she reminded us that, “independent media is widely available in the US, it is easy to forget that this isn’t the case in Greece. AthensLive is actually something astoundingly novel and genuinely threatening to the media status quo.”

The New Diaspora published a letter calling for your support of AthensLive.

On Monday, we let Athens know that on International Day of Monuments and Sites entrance is free to all archaeological sites, monuments and museums. There is no better way to spend a beautiful, sunny Monday!

Photo: Angeliki Panagiotou / FOS PHOTOS

More of our supporters stopped by our office this week. We would love to meet you too!

From Twitter:

Here are a few of our highlights from Twitter:

Tassos was interviewed by the European Centre for Press & Media Freedom. He spoke about the totally DIY nature of the campaign, some challenges we have faced, and also our hope for the future.

Antony Loewenstein, independent journalist, Guardian columnist, and author backed our project and asked that you do the same.

Sotiris took the time to meet with one of our latest backers, Spyros!

Consistent with what we have been saying about Greek media, we reminded our followers of the 2006 US Embassy cable, obtained by Wikileaks.

Zafeiris Karampasis tweeted out his well wishes.

NeinQuarterly pointed out Greece’s addiction to owls, but also asks you to support our campaign.

We also wanted to thank @OccupyWallStNYC for their tweets of support!

Thanks again all your help!

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