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Copa Copana, a water park at Haidari a suburb of Athens, during a very hot summer week on 19,July 2012 Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

#SilverLinings(3–10/7/2017): Four Greek water parks among Europe’s top 25 and four more positive news from Greece

Summertime fun is one of the biggest attractions for tourists who come to Greece for their holidays. According to TripAdvisor, there are plenty of good times waiting for you and your family at Greece’s water parks — four of which rank among Europe’s best!

Whether you want to chill out at the sea or hangout pool-side, there is something for everyone in Greece. Of the top 25 water parks in Europe, here is where Greece stands:

– Star Beach at Hersonissos on Crete in came in at number 10 out of 25
– WaterPark at Faliraki on Rhodes came in 12th position
– Aquatica Water Park at Kardamena on Kos came in at number 20
– Splash Fun at Tsilivi on Zakynthos in 24th position

Moschofilero vineyard, Tselepos estate, Arcadia, Greece, September 2007 Photo: Yiannis Drakoulidis / FOS PHOTOS

Wine-makers set their eyes on increased exports

Enterprise Greece and Greek Wine Federation signed a cooperation agreement to seal their several-year cooperation, in the framework of a single export policy based on a national strategy in wine and based on three points:

-creating a value image for Greek wine in international markets,

-highlighting the comparative advantages of Greek wine and

-authenticity of Greek wine.

The two organizations, acknowledging that exports particularly of products with high added value are a basic pylon of growth, the Greek wine sector is one of the most dynamic and extrovert sectors and the fact that recognition of a primary production product helps in further establishing the brand name of Greece, agreed to jointly promote actions on a single export policy to promote Greek wine abroad, to set up a working group to recommend an annual promotion program, to intensify information campaigns of all Greek wineries and to ensure adequate funding for these programs.

Industrial production and exports are growing

In its monthly report, the Hellenic Statistical Authority found that exports rose by 25.3% and industrial production by 5.4% in May, compared with the values of the same time period last year. The latter development is attributed to increased production of mining and manufactured goods, especially computer/optical products. Whilst exports grew, so did imports, resulting in a higher trade deficit.

Rights4Refugees — Free App Provides Accurate Legal Information for Asylum Seekers

Source: Google Play Store

The Hellenic League for Human Rights announced a new application for mobile phones that will provide accurate and updated legal information regarding asylum. Aimed at asylum-seekers, it is free of charge and available in Android and iOS, in four languages; Greek, English, Arabic and Farsi. You can download the app at Google Play store or Apple AppStore.

Greek unemployment rate falls to 21.7%

On Thursday, the Hellenic Statistical Authority reported that seasonally adjust unemployment in April 2017 fell to 21.7%. The number is lower than in April of last year or March 2017, when it was 23.6% and 22% respectively.

Tourists in the National Gardens in Athens. Photo: Panayiotis Tzamaros / FOS PHOTOS

PM expects visitors to break the record of 30m this summer

Greece will break through the 30 million visitors barrier this summer, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a meeting with the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) on Thursday.

On his part, SETE president Yiannis Retsos said that “the current good circumstances must constitute the basis for the development of tourism over the next years; our aim is that the current success is not just a firework, but it will constitute the basis for the support of the economy. And this is feasible.”

Moreover, the prime minister posted on Twitter that tourism is well performing and it is likely to break the barrier of 30 million visitors. He added that that the aim is to extend the tourist season and increase tourism’s added value.

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