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On 11 July 1995, ten members of the Greek Volunteer Guard and an eleventh Greek serving in a death squad unit invaded Srebrenica, along with Ratko Mladic’s troops and paramilitaries. Five of them can be seen in this photo. Their names are Spyros Tzanopoulos (EEF sergeant and member of the central committee of the neonazi Golden Dawn ), Dimitris Zavitsanos (EEF master sergeant), Anna Florin, Schisas Vasilis, Kyriakidis, G. Lymperidis and Charalambos Dimoulas. Source: XYZ Contagion

The Greek Militiamen Involved in the Srebrenica Massacre

14 Greek militiamen somewhere in former Bosnia ca 1995.
A short documentary by XYZ Contagion titled: ‘The Srebrenica massacre, the Greek Volunteer Guard (EEF) and the involvement of Golden Dawn’ The short video includes exclusive evidence presented for the first time in Greece and internationally.
Akis Tsohatzopoulos (a prominent Greek politician and former minister, convicted on corruption charges), Archbishop Seraphim and Radovan Karadzic in Athens, 1993.
Members of the GVG do the nazi salute in Vlasenica, spring 1995 in the Vlasenitsa area. Some of the men are wearing the Golden Dawn clothing of the Greek Voluntary Guard. The depicted me are former and active members of the Golden Dawn: Belbasa Apostolos, Mavroyannakis Michalis, Socrates Koussouvris (with the crutches), Kostas and two unidentified other men. (source: XYZ)
Zvonko Bajagic, Ratko Mladic and Antonis Mitkos, Srebrenica, 11 July 1995.
The oldest member of the GVG holding the Greek and Serbian flags. Bosnia, 1995.
Vlassis Bonatsos with Zvonko Bajagic Bosnian Serb commander of the Greek Voluntary Guard
Greek journalist Christos Zampounis with Mladic. [link]
This Dutch television documentary from 2002 was the first investigative work on Greece’s role in Bosnia.




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