Total Genetic Scores vs Percentiles

Athletic Trait Performance Scores Expressed as Percentiles in a Population Distribution

If you already have an Athletigen account, you’ll probably notice that your scores look different now. In some cases they may look significantly higher. We haven’t changed how we are doing our scoring, but we have decided to show you additional information more prominently in order to help put those percentiles (what we showed before) in context. Now we are prominently showing the actual total genetic score for each athletic trait category (normalized to be out of 100) that are used to derive those percentiles. We’ve always calculated this score in order to determine the population percentile, but we are now showing it in order to give you a more complete picture of your athletic traits. We are also showing you the number of absolute markers out of the top 5 markers in each category that you score positively at.

Athletic Trait Performance Scores Expressed as Total Genetic Scores (out of 100)

So why the change? We think that percentile scores are meaningful and interesting, but particularly on the lower ends of the spectrum they can be misleading. In addition, because of the range of scores (and how they cluster), very small score changes can translate into large percentile differences. For focusing on your absolute strengths and weaknesses compared to each other, your raw scores are probably more meaningful (and reflective of your own experience) than the percentile scores.

We hope you find the new scores more intuitive than the percentiles (which we also still report), and more useful in guiding your training priorities in order to achieve your fitness goals.

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