Becoming an amateur triathlete

The beginning.

It was simply a succession of events that took me to where I am today, ready to affront my second triathlon.

This is about what I’m doing to be a competitive triathlete, It doesn’t mean that I’m an elite competitor, I’m just an amateur, trying to improve day by day my times, me against me.

Probably there is a lot of cliches in the sports world such as ‘no pain no gain’ or ‘this is a life style’, but at the end I’m doing exactly what those phrases says, changing my life style and also suffering a lot to achieve my goal.

Big changes

This post is basically about changes and more changes, this is the exited part, what is fun is that at this point I don’t even know in which specific moment I performed those adjustments, It just happened ! Some day I was thinking about go out and get some beers without having a problem with the hour of the night, now, I just keep thinking that I have to train early in the morning and I need some sleep. It can sound boring or excessive, but actually It worth it.

Party becomes in hours of necessary sleep

Those hours spent on bars or hanging out with friends are reduced, I need to sleep, next day I will probably have to train at 5am, also, the only drink I think at that moment is an isotonic beverage that I have to prepare for the next training. BUT, It doesn’t mean I can not go out for a beer (or two), It’s always needed.

Just one cup

Fast Food becomes too much carbs

When I’m hanging out with friends, non-related to the sports world, I tend to talk about carbs, calories, protein, all those stuff that normally people doesn’t know. They got nuts because they really don’t care about how much carbs are they eating per day or per meal, but I do … now.

At the beginning I repeated my self that I was training just for fun, no competition. So, I trained often, but I was eating the same, tons of fast food, having heavy dinners and all the bad practices you can think of. Obviously, there was a dead end for that, some day I was ready to start my swim and the coach sent me to the next lane, where the big guys were, I totally freak out, next, they demonstrate to me, in the water, how to swim. Nevertheless, It made me realize that the training is not enough.

I founded a good nutritionist, let’s the nutricional plan begin ! The first months were kind of difficult, I wanted to eat more, the food on the plate was not enough, I weighed 205 pounds. With that pounds on my back I wasn’t able to swim or run like the other guys.

So, I learned to eat, to differentiate the types of food and also, what to eat before/after a training or competition. This is where I learn about the carbs, now I just want to have a competition to carb loading.

Now I weighed 165 pounds, with 12% fat, big change for me

True story

Saving becomes spent money on equipment

I remember within an smile all my savings, but now, they’re gone. They were basically transformed into new bicycle, roller, running shoes, bags, cycling uniforms, triathlon suits, helmets, glasses and now I have a room just for my triathlon stuff.

This is a good hobby, but an expensive one. However, I really love my stuff, specially my bike. I remember when I had to buy my Garmin 920xt, I got nuts because the price. I didn’t imagine that a watch to exercise was so expensive (that’s what I thought), now, that watch version is not that pricey to me, this is not because I have more money, It’s because, I realized there are more costly watches on the market.

Incomes becomes competitions/coaches/pool

Nowadays a big part of my incomes have already a destiny, pay to my coach, pay the gym, which already have a pool, and do a little save for the next competitions.

Per competition I spent around $80 in average, so, if I want to participate in one event I have to plan it in the financial perspective. Also, normally the events are in the beaches, so, that means 2-3 days at least, paying hotels, using the car and food.

My coach is another expense, I pay $60 to receive week by week my plan. At the gym I pay $90 per month, but I have a swimming pool there.

It’s a good spend money !

Normal outfit becomes sport outfit

At this moment I have bought more sport cloth, It’s logic. Right now, I spend more than 4 hours per day at the gym or in the outside doing something related sports, so, more hours using that kind of clothing. More comfortable!

Experienced so far

At this point, I am really enjoying the ride, it has been an excellent experience, I have met extraordinary people. I have known my own country and more important I know myself much better

Competition: It’s a good atmosphere in there, I really like to compete (which is the goal at the end). All people you see are focus on beating their own time. My first triathlon was Costa Rica xTerra, a beautiful event I did this year, I was in third place in my category (25–29 Sprint), totally unbelievable to me.

Trainings: I had to have discipline to be able to complete all the training sessions. From my point of view, that is the key, being able to do all sessions. A normal day for me was playing video games at the evening and sleeping util my work day begins. Now, I have to wake up early in the morning to go cycling or running, and in the evenings I have to go swim or gym, all days of the weeks, yes, including Saturday and Sunday. It’s a hard road.

Belong to a team: It’s nice to be on a team, there is always people who force you to improve, at the end this is important cause you have small competitions during trainings with those people, with the difference that this rivalry it’s just to improve.

I feel more happy now, I really enjoy doing rides with my brother, girlfriend or team mates. It’s difficult to me thinking about a Sunday at home without doing the morning bike ride, not possible now.

I had changed my lifestyle, a lot, but It’s something I don’t regret, I have met good places and peole, I have learned a lot.

What is next

Next Sunday I will compite in a triathlon, here in Costa Rica, more specific Playa Papagayo. I’m looking forward this competition, cause It’ll be my first olympic distance. I’ll tell how was my experienced, for sure.

The big event I have planned It’s Costa Rica 70.3, this will be my start event next year. No matter if you are outside or inside Costa Rica, this event It’s special for the country, so, if you have the change, register to the event and enjoy with 2000 athletes doing something extreme.


  1. Chicago Marathon
  2. Berlin Marathon
  3. Golfo Dulce 14k
  4. Full IronMan (don’t know when, maybe 2 years)
  5. Some day:, enjoy:

For those who are just starting (like me) I urge you to continue training and improving day by day, setting goals it’s always important, enjoy the ride !

endurance: the ability to keep doing something difficult, unpleasant, or painful for a longtime