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I am tired of Mindfulness, give me Grace and Superpowers

The meeting of WIll and Grace

I really am tired of the evangelical zeal with which Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga are now bandied around as the panacea for all ills in ourselves and society. In my experience real changes only occur when we turn inwards, focus on our intention, visualize it and surrender our desires to grace and a state of awe at the mysteries defining our universe. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating religion or any particular religious practices. But I am saying that a practical mysticism and an esoteric and philosophical approach are more appropriate to modern life than mindfulness.

Mindful people make great employees, co-workers, and healers. But they make lousy entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and real change-makers. It is no wonder that so many large corporations now include mindfulness tools and apps as part of their management of employee and management stress and conflict resolution. Who needs activist employees who question purpose or meaning. Much rather have a peaceful worker who flows with the prime directive. Make it so. Engage.

The fact is that most great inventions or transformations or revolutionary thinking do not happen in mindfulness but the meeting of Will and Grace. No, not that one that comes to mind, but in the meeting of our deepest desires and intentions with the grace of a surreal cosmic flow and surrender to our highest potential. In most esoteric traditions this occurs in the heart and that means that if I reach upwards with intention, all my Will, and an open heart and mind, eventually, Grace will descend in my consciousness and allow me to flow through life in magical ways. Yes, real superpowers, clarity, and bliss.

Throughout history, human societies have always sustained fringe groups of esoteric radicals that have stood outside the mainstream religious and political ideas of the day and brought about radical transformations. Think Essenes, Gnostics, Stoics, Neo-Platonists, Kabbalists, Hermeticists, Tantrics, Yogis, Freemasons, Anthroposophists, and Integral Psychologists. All seeking a syncretic path between Will and Grace; heaven and earth, as above so below, as below so above; and the dualities and polarities of life with all its chaos and dysfunction.

Whether you believe in God or not is irrelevant to this position, as the only pre-requisite is that you believe in magic and energy and the ability of every human being to transform and become better — yes better, every day in every way. This is not naïve positive psychology but a centered approach to life between the many axes, dualities, and polarities that seem to drive the human condition. Living between poles one sees neither good nor bad but subtle stages of consciousness and vibration between all poles.

So what happens to you if you pursue this syncretic path. Well, the esoteric promise is that you become completely clear in your awareness of reality. Then you discover a harmonious non-dual state that transcends all illusory divisions and beliefs. Then you become an artist and by combining alchemically your energy with the grace you have discovered, you act in the World and you start to develop what appears to be superpowers. Clarity, compassion, focus, strength, the ability to communicate, the power to persuade and magical ways of dealing with your life and others. Your awareness expands and while the states can be comparable to those induced under hallucinogenic conditions with LSD or Psilocybin, you begin to tap into more of the energy around you. Miracles of serendipity, synchronicity, and clairsentience start to happen.

So, in conclusion, my argument is that we don’t need more mindful, peaceful serfs in today’s World. We need passionate grace-filled beings with energy and superpowers who can bring about real change and a better world.




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