A Thousand Suns
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A Thousand Suns

The Vision of a Universal Church

Keshub Chandra Sen

In 1870’s India, a mostly forgotten Calcutta philosopher and a leading member of the Brahmo Samaj at the time, Keshub Chandra Sen, formed his own movement called “The New Dispensation” which, unusually formed an alliance with the Unitarian Church of America that had evolved out of the Transcendentalist Movement. In fact, Sen’s right hand man Majumdar was the first Indian to come to America to teach the Universal ideals of Vedanta in 1875 speaking at over 50 Unitarian Churches. Sen’s students went on to be transformative of Indian culture including one who would take Vedanta to the World, Swami Vivekananda. He also influenced Sri Aurobindo in his thinking. Today, his poem on the Church Universal (as transliterated here by Homes) is read out at hundreds of Unitarian Churches across America at the start of Sunday services every week.

Unto the Church Universal,
Which is the depository of all ancient wisdom,
And the school of all modern thought;
Which recognizes in all prophets a harmony,
In all scriptures a unity,
And through all dispensations
A continuity;
Which abjures all that separates and divides,
And always magnifies humanity and peace:
Which seeks truth in freedom,
Justice in love,
And individual discipline in social duty;
And which shall make of all persons, sects,
Nations, and races,
One Beloved Community –
Unto this Church
And unto all its members,
Known and unknown
Throughout the world,
We pledge the allegiance,
Of our hands and hearts.
~ Keshab Chandra Sen (1838–84)




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