A new beginning

Saurabh Chandra
Mar 11, 2017 · 2 min read

We are a rogue startup in Bangalore.

Ati is making an all-new, designed from ground up, autonomous cargo vehicle. The vehicle is inspired from our context in Bangalore but will have global applicability. We will pilot and beta our vehicle here (targeting field tests by end of 2018) but our initial customers will be outside.

Saad, Vinay and I have known each other for little over an year. We would mostly discuss interesting engineering problems for fun. Interesting for us had to have the dimension of ‘not done before’. If its done, it isn’t so interesting — right? While I was transitioning out of my previous venture, Saad was making up his mind to be an entrepreneur and skip high school. It all came together around Ati since making a new kind of vehicle (we call it the mule internally) that is autonomous and all-electric brought together the technology challenge we enjoyed with the immense business opportunity that it promises.

A lot of startups in Bangalore are solving pretty hard business problems but we have been hoping to see more of them going after hard technology problems that were also great businesses. With Ati, we hope to make a dent on the technology quotient of our ecosystem.

We are located in Malleswaram (opposite Sir C.V. Raman’s house). 10 mins from IISc where we are collaborating on certain areas with the best talent in research. 20 mins from Peenya where our prototyping and manufacturing ecosystem is.

We also seek to challenge conventional wisdom on startup founder’s age. Saad is 15, Vinay is 52 and I am a little more than the average. In terms of hiring, we should probably be the most age friendly start-up. As long as you are excited about what we are doing and bring the sort of expertise that will make our current 3 PhDs in the team listen up — let’s talk. And we are not fussy about degrees either — Saad has skipped high school, I am an undergrad and Vinay has a PhD. We cover the spread.

We have seed funding to achieve our goals for the next two years. Between Vinay and me, we have a lot of starting up, fund raising, scaling and selling experience.

So there you go — not doing an X of India model, located in conventionally non-start-uppy Malleswaram, age diverse, school dropout — as I said: we are a rogue startup in Bangalore.

May the force be with us.

Ati Motors

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