My Resignation

I am resigning from the bench.

This is partly due to the immaturity of our governor and various pressures and influences from the executive branch of this state which I believe to be unfair and improper.

I was drawn into conflict with the executive of this state over restructuring of the Court. I advocated for what I believed would be healthiest for the judiciary of the state, and as the executive was unable and unwilling to cooperate and threatened me with removal and impeachment for crimes I did not commit numerous times, blocked my efforts to communicate with them, and engaged in other threatening and unnecessary behaviors which interfered with my ability to serve as a judge, I was forced to search for other ways to serve my state.

I think that I would have been a good judge. I have been a prolific legislator and I care deeply about this state and its laws and constitution (many of which I wrote/assisted in crafting.) However, I cannot serve as a judge with an executive who actively sought to undermine me and make my job harder simply due to personal and political disagreements.

Therefore, I am resigning from the bench. I will continue to serve the state which I have dutifully served for three terms, in the House of Representatives.

I’d like to thank /u/DoomLexus, /u/bomalia, the legislators of this state, and all those who have sought out justice in this Court during my service.

In solidarity,

lobbyistformonsanto, J.