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Money is now an API

A quick walk through of the Atlantis Dashboard

At Atlantis, our vision is to provide the tools to developers and merchants to use Bitcoin(BCH) easily to build and sell products. Our product is a payment gateway that lets anyone accept Bitcoin for payments easily.

  1. Sign up as a new user with your Email address and create a password that matches the requirements of a strong password(Caps,alphanumeric and special characters)

2. As soon as you verify the email from Atlantis Labs, you can login to the dashboard and you will be greeted with this screen.Your revenue in the last 24 hours shows up in the first column and the transactions in the second column.

3. The Mnemonic is the sequence of words that serves as your Bitcoin keys to spend your received funds. Click on Fix to create your mnemonic.

You will need to Generate an XPUB which helps in easily managing your funds by remembering only the mnemonic. The XPUB helps us generate new payment addresses for each payment request to which your customers will send funds to. We will not be able to steal your funds, we can only track funds incoming to your wallet.

The Mnemonic generated are the keys to your funds and you can import these keys to any wallet of your choice. You can easily import these keys into your Electron Cash wallet to start spending/tracking your Bitcoin. We don’t store your Mnemonic so please ensure you back up the 12 word phrase safely.

Right now, we are supporting only USD but we will be adding support for other currencies soon. We convert the currency value to BCH at the prevailing exchange rate. If the value of the good is $5 and the exchange rate at the time of order is 1BCH=$1000, our interface automatically calculates the value as 0.005 BCH. Once you are finished, save the settings and go to the Home page. The Mnemonic status should change to ‘Success’

4. Click on Checkout tab to generate your specific API key.

You can copy the html snippet to your site and it will generate a Pay button which you can customize as per your choosing. Customize the store name, amount and icon for your service and you have the option of rendering it dynamically too. If you want to access the API directly, check our documentation page for the API services.

5. When any user clicks on the “Pay” button, they will get a popup requesting the payment on their screen.

Users can scan the QR from any BCH wallet and pay. Within seconds, our service confirms the payment and process it as ‘Verified’.

6. You can create a webhook if required which updates the URL after every event.

7. You can check for payment history in Payments tab which shows all payment requests generated, amounts, time of purchase and success/failure status.

In case of any queries, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.



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